Hi Friends,

We just returned home from introducing Daisy to her farm family in Illinois. She enjoyed soaking up all the wide open space, country life, and family love. We are lucky to have both of her great grandmas around and spunky, along with loads of uncles, aunts and cousins galore. Now we’re happy to be home in NYC, looking forward to getting back in the studio here, and moving with ease with the locals before heading to Europe this Fall.

The 4th of July has me reflecting on freedom. What we practice with stråla is essentially the practice of freedom. Through improving in the process of getting to know ourselves by slowing down, softening, feeling, and responding to how we feel, we experience freedom with each moment. I get introspective on this holiday famous for loud celebration, because something inside me lights up knowing that real freedom is the wonderful prize: a feeling of calm security, and a healthy well of creativity resulting from the regular practice of self care and awareness.


As a Guide, we are responsible to orchestrate a clear and safe experience for the group. We lead a process so we can experience our own personal freedom, as we are surrounded by others doing the same. The result looks like a group of dolphins, moving with the same purpose and intention, all in their own individual rhythm, in harmony with each other. Freedom is a beautiful thing when it’s supported by grace and ease.

I’ve found this practice so essential in my own life and in my own leading. How I want to feel is free. How I want the people around me is free. I never know exactly what comes next when I am free and I feel safe and confident in the spontaneity of that reality, knowing I’m in the process of flow.


On the flip side, with only an illusion of freedom we have the behavior of commanding, controlling and forcing ourselves and others to do what we want. It might seem like freedom to control and force, but it’s ultimately a ridiculous idea that fails through every human test. Of course we all are guilty of practicing this illusion in some form or another at some moments of our day. My goal is to come back to the practice of grace and ease that leads to freedom, whenever I drift off. Just like in meditation when the thoughts wander in, the magic is in choosing to come back to the breath.

Practice Freedom Today and Always

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