Hi Friends,

We are back from the magic of Disneyland Paris, now soaking up the heat in the city, and preparing for Strala 300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training happening in just a couple weeks here in NYC.

I have 3 things cooked up and ready for you today.

50% off all strala online practices, series & workshops

First, our annual Summer video sale is here. Enjoy 50% off all strala practices, series and workshops. We have been building and building so much for you and our new streaming platform is hopefully making life easier, bye bye waiting for downloads, we are catching up with the future.

Choose your practices.
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Soften, breathe and enjoy.

Early Bird Extended Strala 100+Hour Online Advanced Leadership Training: The 7 Secrets of Leadership

Second, by popular demand we are extending the early bird on Strala 100+Hour Online Advanced Leadership Training: The 7 Secrets of Leadership through July 7. I’m humbled we have made it here, together. This program is 10 years in the making, empowers leaders in every field of work, and is a major step in supporting Guides to lead strala-themed programs. I’m proud of us guys!

Sign on for the early bird here.
Roll out your mat, practice, reflect, repeat. We begin in August.

Save the Whole World: Use What You Need, Rest What You Don’t

Lastly, we all focus on doing better, feeling better, and let’s be honest, getting anxious about it all. When something makes sense for one reason, it usually makes sense for lots of reasons. We practice conservation of energy when it comes to moving, but of course, how we move is how we live. We might as well practice how we’d like to be in the world, especially if we want to contribute to positive change. It feels so great to focus on dropping everything you don’t need. It’s an interesting experiment in using less and having more space inside.