Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

Another healthy beauty tip for us from Alexis Wolfer’s The Beauty Bean! Enjoy!

If you’re legs are looking dull and drab from a dark and dry winter, scrub your way to smooth, sexy skin with Alexis Wolfer’s DIY Coconut Sugar Body Scrub.

You’ll Need

Sugar in the Raw
Virgin Cold pressed coconut oil

Now What

Scrub a dub!

While sea salt scrubs are popular, they can actually pull moisture from your skin, further exacerbating the problem so, instead of using a salt scrub, whip up this easy DIY sugar scrub.

Just mix Sugar In The Raw with virgin, cold pressed coconut oil (available in any health food store) and get scrubbing. For a more rigorous scrub, add more sugar and use a washcloth to apply. As the granular sugar exfoliates, the oil will moisturize for silky skin. Rinse off in the shower, leaving the oil to work its moisturizing magic.

For more DIY exfoliating scrubs, visit:

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