Detach, Love, Detach.

I felt a strong urge to sit in the middle of the living room right when I woke up this morning for a brief meditation.  I get these urges when I feel like a storm is coming, something about being in the eye of the storm is calming, peaceful, and full of clarity.  Waiting for the perfect moment to meditate will never come.  Start making it a practice, five minutes each morning.

Sit somewhere, (can even be right in your bed), close your eyes, and pay attention to your breath.  You will bring yourself away from the thrashes of the storm and into the calm, powerful center.  You will become the navigator of the powerful storm, aiming and directing your energy for your best purpose and clear intentions.

This morning as I was breathing in the eye of my storm I felt a great sense of calm and ease suddenly inhabit every inch of me and every inch around me.  Detach. Love. Detach. Those words kept coming to mind.  When we detach we aren’t oblivious or careless, but easy in a way that we can observe without getting caught up in the storm.  We come back to the eye and become the director of the storm.

When we love everyone we act with grounded and honest kindness.  When we love from the eye of the storm we are aware of everything.  We are aware there is a storm, but we navigate with love.

Life is a storm.  Keep coming back to the center of it where there is calm, peace, intuition, and focus.

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