Enjoying the Weekend Guilt-Free

It’s the weekend, and for most of us, it’s time to go out, live a little, and have fun. Fun usually includes indulging a little (or a lot) in our guilty pleasures, which could be beer, pizza, ice cream, etc. Mine is any dessert involving chocolate. I would tell myself that it’s ok, after all – it’s the weekend! There will be plenty of time during the week to make up for it. Somewhere along our journey, we developed an idea that what’s good for us can’t be fun, and therefore every now and then we find ways to break free from it. Wouldn’t life be easier if we could do good for our body, and have fun at the same time?

Start easy, by eliminating all the rules. We feel guilty about our guilty pleasures because somewhere in the back of our head, we believe there’s a set of rules for eating healthy. Instead of following diet rules, just start with you – and your body. Start observing how your body feels, and pay attention to how your food choices affect how you feel. If you rarely eat fruits or vegetables, give them a try. It’s a much more interesting way to find out what’s good for you, rather than just believing what you’ve read in a diet book.

Get educated – just because you can disregard all the rules, it’s still important to know what the food you eat does to your body. Expand your knowledge by reading books or consulting with experts, but always keep in mind that the only person who can find out what really works for you is you.

Connect with your body. When your mind is in tune with your body, you are more likely to make healthy choices when it comes to treating yourself. When your mind and body are connected in harmony, you’ll find yourself wanting the things that are actually good for your body. I found that yoga and meditation are effective ways to establish this connection.

Have fun – guilt free. As your eating habit becomes healthier, you may find yourself choosing healthier treats. Realize, however, that your eating habit doesn’t have to be picture-perfect all the time. Creating a perfect image of a healthy diet would only make it seem impossible to attain. Give yourself permission to enjoy the things that you like – guilt free. This will make your healthy eating habit much more sustainable in the long run.

So enjoy the weekend, and have fun!



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  • lol this is funny after me eating some not so healthly foods lol plus mondays holiday lol i like this alot thanks Monika

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