16 Steps to Getting Clear

16 Steps to Getting Clear

Hi Friends, It's been a couple weeks since I wrote to you. I've been bouncing around the globe leading Strala and on other adventures and I didn't feel there was enough space and time for a thoughtful message until now. These messages from me to you are pretty personal, and I feel by sharing my experiences and the experiences of people I meet we can be connected in a real and applicable way to enrich our lives. Staying connected to you helps ground and inspire me so I wanted to thank you. I've been to Malaysia and Singapore recently leading…

Healing and Preventing Chronic Back Pain

  Back pain is so common and can be so debilitating that I want to keep sharing approaches here. If you have any, please share as well!   Q: I have chronic lower back pain for 4 years and it's getting worse, to the point where I'm tempted to take prescription drugs. I've tried everything else. I have degeneration in the L5 S1 joint, and a bulging disc. I started back to yoga classes and I find it really challenging (esp forward bending), so I only go once a week! Is this enough, and are there any moves or a…

Yoga for Healing

  Yoga working in health and healing depends on each one of us taking the lead in our own care. It's not a passive role.   We're not simply recipients of treatment from experts who know better. We are each in charge of an amazing array of healing powers. We each play the most important role in our own life.   So what do you tell someone who is really sick? They might be having a hard time. We can't just tell them to lighten up, can we? It's true, our lives may not hold the same challenges at the same…

What To Practice When You Practice Yoga

  Practice how you want to be. Practice being grateful for what you have. Practice being patient with yourself. Practice ease in your body. Practice ease in your mind. Practice mindful communication with others. Practice valuing yourself. Practice valuing others. Practice loving yourself. Practice loving others. Practice using your talents to serve. Watch yourself when you drift off. Practice coming back. Practice how you want to be. Become the person you want to be. Enjoy the ride. xo Tara   PS - Want to practice yoga with Tara? We created a course on MindBodyGreen to help :)  

How to Leave the Kitchen Sink Behind & Make Your Own Radiant Health

  Health and wellness can be tricky areas to navigate. Especially if you live in a big city - or for that matter, if you have an internet connection - you have more than enough opportunity to diagnose every "problem" and throw the entire kitchen sink at it.   This kitchen sink approach gives us more than enough opportunity to get lead along for "random walks." In math, this means no directional movement happens, toward much of anything. In health and in life, it means about the same thing.   We're walking in circles. Something good might happen occasionally and…

You Know You Best

  Let your body move left and right of other people's center, other people's ideas about correct. It's your body, you know you best.   Let your yoga move left and right of other people's ideas. It's your yoga, you know you best.   Let your life move beyond other people's ideas. It's your life. It's a good one, you're lucky!   :) Mike   PS - Want to practice yoga with Tara and me wherever you are? We created a course on MindBodyGreen to help :)      
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