Strala Playlists!

We’re big on music at Strala. We understand and love how music can relax, inspire, and jolt us further inward into an entire universe of big inhales and exhales.

Every inhale creates space. Every exhale moves us into the new space. Your Strala guide will remind you to breathe deep. The music will help transport you further inward into exploring into the awesomeness that you are.

There is for sure a method to the madness.  Music has to be uplifting, easy going, current, and relevant. We love Eddie Vedder, Alexi Murdoch, Nick Drake, Van Morrison and other space / time transporters.  If we like the music’s message and it has a beat similar to our heart and breath, we’re in!  Let us know your favorite tunes that you would love to hear on a Strala playlist.

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5 Responses to Strala Playlists!

  • I just downloaded the playlist so that I can revise my novel this morning, to the music that helps me find my way to my breath and to ease as it does at Strala. :) I also added my favorite, Jónsi, to the list bc I love him. Especially Hengilas, which so fits the mood of a RELAX class.

  • Yoga uses the actual left prefrontal cortex.
    Music works by using the appropriate temporal lobe
    (where I fully grasp). Is the idea possible, while focusing your whole attention on the music you might be listening to help, to trigger
    the eventually left prefrontal cortex from the same
    or similar means as yoga?

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