The Newbie Yogi: Bras…For Your Boobs…During Yoga

A few weeks ago, I posted about thongs…for your butt…in your yoga pants. It got quite a response which frankly, got me really excited. And, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I’d take this opportunity to write about boobs. Or more specifically…bras…for your boobs…during yoga.

Like thongs, I hate bras. They’re tight, they’re itchy, and oddly enough if I wear them for too long I feel kind of nauseated. Luckily I have small boobies and don’t have to wear them very often – in life or in yoga – depending on the kind of top I wear. So I took my mission to the streets – and after much consulting with my bra-wearing, yoga-practicing girlfriends, I’ve compiled a list of the best/least sucky sports bras for yoga.

1. Lululemon, Flow Y Bra IV (Size A-B): When I do wear a bra, this is usually what I go to. Just enough material to hide the nip, and enough support to eliminate the jiggle, but it doesn’t cut off my oxygen supply. This is for the girl who’s got boobs on the smaller side and wears them proudly – while it’s not a super flattening bra, it’s definitely not a contouring, accentuating one. Weird downside: After a while, the thread on the straps got a little unravelly. However, I’ve noticed that with all of my LLL clothes. Clearly their marketing team runs circles around their quality control team – ooooooh snap! (Sidenote: If you’re a smaller-busted gal looking for a little shape-making sans the padding, Heidi recommends SOLOW’s super comfy Eclon bra with textured piecing).

2. Nike, Glam-It Indy (Size B-C): Nike seems to be the all-around sports bra pleaser amongst the ladies I spoke to. This bra, a racerback like the Flow Y, has tata cups for a little extra definition, Dri-FIT fabric and mesh to help you stink less, and a double layer of material to keep the girls supported. Weird downside: Well you know there’s that whole like, Nike sweatshop thing. But apparently that’s getting better. (Also who’s to say that there isn’t shady stuff going on with any of these other brands?).

3. Under Armour, Armour Bra (Size D): As you start to look at the names of bras for bigger boobies, they start to sound more and more like torture devices. Words emerge like “compression” and “strong-wire” and “ultra-tight”. But after speaking to my well-endowed sistren, it sounds like that’s what y’all need. No distractions, no flopping or moving around – just tight, held-in breasts. This bra provides just that. And if this particular one doesn’t suit you, our friends at Under Armour have a lot of D-DD options which is cool. Weird downside: $57.99??!! For WHAT? More boob-covering fabric?? I find it hard to accept that big-boobed girls just must pay more for bras. Ain’t right.

Runner UpLululemon, Aphrodite Tank (Size A-D): LLL gets another one! Apparently this bra/tank is great. It’s supportive, soft, and flattering to the bod. Personally I feel like every time I wear a bra/tank it always rides up, but apparently that’s not the case with this one. Weird downside: It’s pretty lowcut, so you can’t be afraid to show a little cleave if you’ve got it. But really it’s called the Aphrodite tank so what do you expect?

Honorable Mention When I asked Tara about her bra/boobs, obviously she mentioned her upcoming, much anticipated line with Reebok. I can’t wait for the release (I’m assuming Strala bloggers get first dibs? No? Okay.). That’s all I have to say about that because the designs are top secret for now.

And you guys?? Sup with your bras? Or your boobs…whichever you feel like talking about :)

Mihal Freinquel



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