Today’s Post Is Brought To You By The Letter “P”

Back in the day when I was preparing to go to college someone presented me with the advice of The Three P’s.  At that time I was getting ready to study music in a conservatory setting and it applied to how I would dedicate myself and accomplish my degree.  The Three P’s are: practice, perseverance, pulling through.

Throughout my life, in any endeavor I have taken on, that phrase has always stuck with me, keeping me focused and determined.  Today was my first day back to class after what seemed like an all-too-quick winter break and I wasn’t quite mentally prepared but just like in college, those words popped back into my head.  They gave me a wake-up call to remember my goals for the future because in order to achieve what I want, it will take practice, perseverance and pulling through.  Sitting on my couch rewatching Downton Abbey seasons 1 and 2 for the third time is not going to get me anywhere.  (Though I love the show so much and can’t get over what happened on last night’s episode!)  But, it was fun while it lasted and now it’s back to what matters most.

I was inspired to write this today and veer away from my normal food-related topics because I wanted to share these words that are close to my heart and always work for me.  I hope they can stick with and help someone else too.  They can apply to anything and everything that you might be working toward, coping with, fearing, etc.

Let me know if The Three P’s wind up working for you.  Or, do you have a few words that help to keep you focused, driven and ready to face your fears?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy Monday everyone!  See you next week! :)


Deborah is a Strala Certified Yoga Guide (Fall 2012) and a pre-Master’s student in Nutrition.  She has always been passionate about food and meditation and when she found the physical activity of yoga, became equally as passionate.  Upon beginning a regular yoga practice, Deborah found herself craving good, healthy foods and realized there was a special connection between yoga and healthy eating.  She wanted to shout this revelation from the rooftops and so decided to study nutrition and created The Food Yogi Blog where she shares recipes, nutrition information, yoga incites and more.  Follow her blog via email, or on Twitter @TheFoodYogi and on Facebook.  “Start with one healthy choice and it will lead to others…an upward spiral.”




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One Response to Today’s Post Is Brought To You By The Letter “P”

  • Liz Selden said on 3-31-13 at 9:15 pm

    “This is who I am” gives me back my right to my own uniqueness when I am afraid that I am not measuring up to what someone else’s expectations might be. There is nothing more beautiful than one’s own unique, constant, yet ever evolving and dynamic, miraculous being.

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