Strala follows a mindset and approach for moving well in your life, finding ease even when the challenges get big. We practice this through yoga, tai chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Taking good care of yourself is the starting point for everything. So we begin by trading an old belief that doesn’t work for a new one that does.


The old belief tells us to forget our uniqueness, and work really hard to become a copy. Someone else’s ideas, someone’s else’s body.  The new belief is that what we feel is uniquely our own, and uniquely important.


When your body opens a door, move through. When your body closes a door, ease off and find another way. This is a radical choice to make. Very different from using force when you encounter an obstacle.


Choosing peace, practicing harmony in your body over disconnection, is a radical way to move. It also opens every door there is, even where you never knew there was a door.


Strala offers courses all around the world that help us keep progressing and expanding together, and each covers its own unique material – from the shorter 2-day introductions, to the longer courses where we share two or three weeks together.

As for the order of things, people have gone in all different orders, and this works really well for everyone. Each course has its own unique curriculum, so just to pick whatever works best for you and get started when you like.


2-Day Introduction

In the 2-day introductions we focus on getting comfortable, releasing stress, and practicing a new mindset for life, that says our best way to get wherever we want to go by feeling good every step along the way.


100+Hour Leadership Training (online)
200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training

As we move into the longer programs, we explore deeply into the yoga form, and how it can be used as a practice for healing what needs healing, and creating what you want in your life.


300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training

Here we expand the exploration into three additional vocabularies for practice:

Tai chi, so we learn how much is found about ourselves in the simplest moments

Traditional Chinese Medicine, so we learn to form a positive connection with both ourselves and others, and heal through our movement

Our human vocabulary – how we navigate through our lives each day – so everything we do becomes practice for everything we want to create.

So now through four vocabularies – yoga, tai chi, TCM, and everyday life – we learn to connect with our selves, trade in the old habits that don’t work so well for new ones that do, and create from here.


100+Hour Secrets of Leadership (online) : Coming 2018

For everyone who’s completed the course levels above, we have a new program to support your growth and expansion as a leader in every setting – from yoga to office to boardroom.

This course also includes specific guidance that opens the door to leading your own Strala 2-day Intensives, or adding a Strala component to whatever form of training you give.


Special Topics, Continuing Education : Coming 2018

We also offer shorter programs both in-person and online, that let you go deeper into whatever interests you most – whether it’s healing injury, high-performance athletics, teaching kids, or caring for stress and trauma.


More Info

Strala Faculty and Approach : Read Here

The Science of Strala, by Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, Harvard Neurology Professor and Chair of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital : Read Here

Training Schedule : Read Here


There’s something worth remembering about how we move in our lives, and the habits we carry each day. Knowing doesn’t change them. Knowing doesn’t trade old habits that don’t work for new ones that do. Even if we want it to, it doesn’t alter our neurology this way. But moving does. Change is something we need to practice. When the door opens, move from here.