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Strala Certified 200 Hours

Curis-au-Mont-d'Or, Rhône Alpes Auvergne, France, 69250

Training Level

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2016, 200

117 rue de la Trolanderie Hey! I am 40 and I have 3 amazing daughters - and an amazing husband too !- I have made the 200+Hour Ready To Lead in November 2015 in Berlin, city that I love, with wonderfull people, trainers and trainees ;-). I've always loved guiding and spreading knowledges and tools in which I believe. Strala above all. That's why I started in december to lead Strala classes, first with friends and neighbours, in the "Studio 117", cosy part of my house in Curis au Mont d'Or, a green village near to the beautiful city of Lyon. Feedbacks are good and generate slowly positive word-of-mouth :-) I am happy! After 15 years in the industry working as an enginner, I decided to go on with my carrer and life by creating my own activitieS, with the vision of making them work as an all one. I am what we call a "slasheuse" in french! My goal is to support and help people to release stress and to feel good, wherever and whenever they are in their lives: kids, old people, workers, managers, athletes, non sportive people, at home, at job, alone, as a team, ... because as Tara says: "I you can breath, you can do Strala yoga". How? By moving well, eating healthy (but still in a french way of taste! That's a challenge!), having a positive behaviour and.... breathing... My Strala Story . I used to practice lot of sports, almost core: swimming, playing tennis, running, hiking, biking (I love nature!). But with such a full life (job, kids, house, sport, ...), I needed to find an activity that I can do anywhere, with the time I had, from 10 minutes to 1 hour. I tried yoga but the course i found was to slow, I had time to "think" about all the tasks I had to do... But sometimes, after some classes, I felt so goooood! I went on with exploring yoga and I discovered Strala thanks to an genious App of Deepak Chopra, where Tara made and explained the way of moving, depending on what you looked for, etc.. The grace, the voice, the fun of moving in your own way, exactly what I needed... I started to practice everyday during summer holiday, and I really felt the difference on the way I felt, I ate, I behaved. I fell into!!! After a very full 2016 year, with hard job, I decided to quit and create activities aligned with my values, in a slower way, and the process to create, to learn everyday and spread all this is simply joyful and make the little world around me better.
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