Florencia Aguirre

Mar del Plata, Argentina

Training Level

Intensive Training, 2014, 20

Intensive Training, 2016, 20


I have been practising yoga for 30 years, I was born in 1967, so yoga has been in most of my life. Yet everything changed when I met Strala, when I decided to guide also, beside my personal practise and I LOVED every bit of it.

I am a lawyer specialised in Family Law, and I have a master degree in Western Contemporary Philosophy, which is my passion.

I am also an avid student in plant powered nutrition, minimalism and all things leading to a more enjoyable life. I am born and bred in Argentina, I live in Mar del Plata, in a city by the Atlantic.

I guide Strala in the best local studio called Pulso Yoga, three times a week, and I couldn´t be happier with the group of people who consistently follow Strala since day one and the new ones who love the new, easy going, flowy aspect, inedit before in my Country.  In 2017 I have plans for a podcast and lots of awesome stuff. I love meeting fellow guides as a student around the world, and also I love going to NYC to meet Tara and Mike and take as many classes as  possible.

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