Heidi Kristoffer

Heidi is Strala’s resident upside-down girl, in her classes and the Strala Training programs. Nothing makes Heidi happier than being able to share her love of yoga and being upside down in the most fun, safe way possible.

Heidi is a true believer that “Yoga Cures.” Lengthening and strengthening through yoga led to a healed herniated disc in Heidi’s cervical spine, and prevented surgery on two broken vertebrae in her lumbar spine. Heidi maintains an intense focus on core integration and alignment, stemming from her desire to use yoga as a tool to heal and strengthen the body. Heidi also believes that playfulness is vital, always balancing strength with levity.  In her classes, expect to breathe, laugh and sweat!

Heidi is the resident yoga and nutrition expert for SHAPE magazine. Featured in numerous publications, Heidi is a Brand Ambassador for SOLOW Sport and contributes to MindBodyGreen, where she details her quest to find the most delicious and nutritious ways to fuel and re-fuel pre and post-yoga.