Kati Rediger

Kati loves yoga’s ability to connect people to their bodies, foster healthy relationships with their minds, and bring more awareness into their lives through inspiring healthy choices. Strala in particular has been instrumental in helping her do this for herself, and now she can’t wait to share this gift with others! Her class is centered around breath, easy movement, and most importantly, fun! When Kati isn’t in the studio she likes to make art with friends, hang out around trees, and explore weird and forgotten corners of the city. Kati is is graduate of the Strala’s 200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training.



Get To Know Kati

Kati Rediger showed up to Strala one day and smiled her way into everyone’s hearts. She’s hard to miss at 6’1″ with a smile just as wide, and uncontainable, boundless energy. Kati took to Strala’s easy going vibe and we took to her too. After completing her Ready-to-Lead she took it on herself with bestie Jes Allen, stay tuned for her Getting to Know You coming soon, and started leading friends in yoga at every opportunity, and most impressive, creating some of her own.

Aside from her Strala classes, catch an even rotation of Kati/Jes at Isa in Brooklyn on Monday nights. And make sure to subscribe to their joint Kati & Jes Yoga FB page for updates and loads of inspiration!


Smiles for Miles!

What Kati won’t tell you about herself is that she is an insanely generous spirt. She always sees the good and the potential in people and approaches everyone with such a big heart, full of kindness, love, and fun. Kati makes me want to be a better version of myself, because she treats me like I am already that person. We’re lucky to have Kati at the studio and leading classes and we hope you enjoy being around her as much as we do.

Oh, and Kati is also obsessed with sharks. She didn’t mention it in her interview, but also noteworthy.






Where did you grow up?

Denver, Colorado


What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I wanted to marry someone nice and live in an opera house.


Did you have any pets then and now?

I had a bird named Herman. We discovered she was a girl when she laid eggs. I think it made my dad sad because perviously Hermie had been the only other boy in the house.


What was your favorite color then and now?

My favorite color was blue for forever! Now I don’t think I have a favorite color unless jean counts. I’m not allowed to buy anymore jean shirts or my closet will explode.


What makes your class awesome?

My class is awesome because in addition to moving and breathing we always have at least one good laugh. Helps keep the spirits up even when we’re going through a more challenging part of the sequence!


Where will you be in 5 years?

It would still be great to marry someone nice and live in an opera house but in addition I’d like to own my own studio, have a garden with tomatoes in it, speak fluent Spanish and, as always, have the space to practice yoga and art with freedom, creativity and love!



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