Lissa Sims

Lexington, Usa

Training Level

Intensive Training, 2016, 20


I love a groovy, grounding practice that invites movement and allows each of us to be his/her/their own best self. Through movement and affirmation I hope to guide yogis to have compassion for themselves and the people around them; nothing need be hard or painful even though we do have the opportunity to move into some advanced postures.

Mostly it’s just fun movement set to awesome beats.

When I met Strala it affirmed the notion that ease is available to each of us in our practice and in our lives. I have practiced yoga for my entire adult life–through two pregnancies, and two teenagers. After Strala training I began to guide others in the way I had been practicing myself for years–a flowing, free, ease-making practice that feels good!

I guide classes at Creative Yoga on Main Street, I have a mobile studio for private sessions and offices/businesses and in the warm months on Sundays at 11a, I guide a free outdoor feet-in-the-grass practice at Ashland, Henry Clay’s home.

Lissa's Instagram to see pics and learn when outdoor yoga starts