Martina Frisch

Hamburg, Germany

Training Level

Intensive Training, 2018, 20

200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2018, 200


Hi from Hamburg, Germany!

My name is Martina. I am a Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher ( and since September a Strala Yoga Guide. I did the Ready-to-Lead Training in Berlin and enjoyed every minute. What a life changing experience!

Yoga and Meditation are very important in my life and I practice on a regular basis for many years.

3 years ago I fell in love with Strala Yoga. Since then, there is no day without moving in ease and enjoying myself, my life and my movements more and more.

This has a great impact on me, on my clients and all people around me. What a gift!

Happy to connect with you and maybe see you in Hamburg someday! I would love to share some ease with you, on and off the matt 🙂

 – Ich freue mich auf dich!

xoxo Sending love, Martina

You can find me on instagram