Mei Schulz

Lauvåsveien 52, Sætre, Norway

Training Level

Intensive Training, 2016, 20


I am a Strala Guide living in Hurum, Norway. After discovering Strala in 2013 I started establishing a daily practice (that finally stayed!) and a new mindset that started transforming other areas in my life, something that came very much in hand in the midst of a stressful life as a full time teacher and a mom for three and other commitments. In short, almost having lost the purpose & radiance in many of my commitments I found back to my radiant self with renewed creativity and guts to direct my life more aligned with what felt meaningful and appropriate to my capacity and abilities. A journey had started that led me to new focus in my (true) interests, readings, meditation and reflections, not the least a more sustainable self care practice that harmonized my mind and body awareness, made me feel more whole again in all apects in my life.

This renewed focus & capacity of course also included now my Strala practice and ongoing journey with Strala that I wanted to share with others as it had worked so well for me. I could finally combine what felt both meaningful and joyful, and my creativity that had been suppressed in my regular job for sometime, opened up for a whole new journey. I started my own business, Schulz Radiance, that offers classes in dance,  Strala Yoga, relationship communication (PREP) and Mind&Body&Virtues Awareness for school children.

I work part time as a school teacher and do rest of the teaching in subjects that I find meaningful through my company + other collaborations. Currently I guide 3 Strala classes weekly here in Hurum and the new addition will be Strala classes for kids. I enjoy tremendously guiding Strala classes and I am looking forward to extend my Strala education with 200+hours Ready to lead in Amsterdam in fall 2017.


Schulz Radiance