Vera Boykewich

Vera’s Strala classes are famous for an incredible feeling of ease and fun through challenging and simple moments alike. After years of leading and building community at Strala NYC, Vera currently leads classes and events in LA, and represents Strala as a Master Trainer, teaching workshops, trainings, and intensives around the world.

With a professional background in linguistics, journalism, and harm reduction, Vera has learned and values that every person’s experience, story, and body is unique. Always fascinated by human nature and the human body, she studied them both through yoga, dance, music, meditation, languages, politics, and culture.

Vera loves Strala for its inclusive, unpretentious, and welcoming approach, and shares this approach when leading class. A believer in getting through hard things easily, she enjoys helping people discover balance and ease, through gentle and playful guidance. In her classes, be ready to breathe and move in a flow, and to explore.

Vera was born and raised in a small Siberian town between the mountains and the sea. She is a master knitter, cat whisperer, and speaks loads of languages.

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