For athletes, both yoga and tai chi forms can be useful cross-training, as a way to connect your whole body together and move more efficiently.  You develop increased energy for greater levels of challenge, so this kind of training is useful for substantial gains in mobility, agility, and endurance.

Practice here can also decrease the likelihood of injury, and support faster healing when injuries do happen. You can even work your way out of chronic injury and pain, where traditional approaches haven’t worked so well.

Following are some resources to get you started.




a) Strala program and approach for athletes : read here

b) The Science of Strala, by Harvard Neurology Professor Dr. Rudolph Tanzi : read here


Introductory Reading and Practice


a) Runners Guide to Training : reading and practice videos here

b) Healing for Hamstrings and Whole Body : read and practice here

c) Healing for Knees and Whole Body : read and practice here

d) Healing for Chronic Injury and Pain : read and practice here

e) Mobility Training Videos : practice here


Advanced Training and Practice


a) Online Practice Videos. Yoga, tai chi, and qigong here, as well as the Runner / Athlete Guide to Training. Videos Here

b) Online Training Course. This one gives a good structure and support for healing practice. Reading and Videos Here

c) Back pain course. The focus here is on back pain, but the movement principles have the same application to releasing stress and general healing. Reading and Videos Here


When you stop fighting with obstacles inside of you, there is much more energy for obstacles outside.


About Strala Training

Strala uses yoga, tai chi, and traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, to help people live radiantly healthy and inspiring lives. It begins with a mindset, that says our best way to get where we’re going is to feel good along the way. It also works miracles for whole health, by helping us learn to bring our entire self into everything we do, unblock energy where it’s stuck, and move more naturally and efficiently through challenge.

In our Strala Training Courses, you learn to shape your destiny on every level that counts, from your psychology, chemistry and neurology, to your chromosomes and even gene expression. The unique set of skills you develop – for connecting with yourself and others, unblocking your energy, healing what needs healing and accomplishing challenge with ease – uncovers your ability to create the life you want, and be an inspiring leader to the people around you.

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