Saturday September 7 to Sunday October 27, 2013
Saturdays & Sundays from 1pm to 4pm

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Align with a clear, effective, connected, and inspiring method that will take your personal practice, leading abilities, and life to infinite possibilities.



About Strala Training

Strala is moving with ease during restful and challenging circumstances alike. When you find ease in effort, your body and life become very capable and strong. You become an expert at creating space in your life for peace, creativity, inspiration, and all-around feeling great.

Strala Training empowers you to find this easy capability whether on your yoga mat, leading a class, or living your life. With Strala, your yoga will transform into a moving meditation that cultivates a radiantly strong, connected, healthy, and inspired body and mind from the inside out.

This training gives you the tools you need to become the leader you’re meant to be, to yourself, those nearest you, or to millions of people around the world.


– If you’re leading yoga, people will love the experience, and your classes will grow.  

– You’ll be a creative, capable and inventive leader at work.

– You’ll connect and relate easily and enjoyably with the people around you.  


Whether you’re interested in pursuing a teaching path, getting deeper into your yoga, or both, Strala Training is a journey that will transform your inner and outer world.


Learning to move with ease in your body and life is a different kind of challenge than the push and struggle of ordinary physical effort.  It’s also a much more rewarding one.  It gives far greater physical and life ability.  It also gives you you.  From here, you get to support other people in finding their own way, and creating their own inspiring lives.



Who is this for?

Strala is practice for accomplishing great challenges with inspiring ease, while dropping the push, stress and struggle from your yoga.  It’s also practice for being the best in the world at being you, while dropping the push, stress and struggle from your life.  Whether you’re leading yoga, leading at work, or leading your life, Strala gives you practice time for being capable in your body and life. Our training gives you the design details on how this works, and how to use it consciously in everything you do.



Tara Stiles

Named “Yoga Rebel” by the New York Times, Tara Stiles is the founder and owner of Strala Yoga, widely known for its unpretentious, inclusive, and straightforward approach to yoga and meditation. Tara has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Lucky, InStyle, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Self, Fit Perez, and Fit Sugar, and profiled by The New York times, Times of India, The Times (UK), and Dagnes Nyheter. Tara is the designer and face of Reebok’s yoga lifestyle line, and author of two best selling books: Slim Calm Sexy Yoga and Yoga Cures. She has created several DVD series collaborations with Jane Fonda, Deepak Chopra, Tia Mowry, Brooklyn Decker and ELLE Magazine. The Alliance For A Healthier Generation, Bill Clinton’s initiative to combat childhood obesity, tapped Tara to help promote activity to the 14,000+ participating schools. Jane Fonda named Tara “the new face of fitness” and Vanity Fair declared her the “Coolest Yoga Instructor Ever.”


Mike Taylor

Mike is a co-founder, guide, and resident healer at Strala. Named “Best Mover” by MindBodyGreen and one of Shape Magazine’s Hottest Trainers, he’s practiced Eastern movement and healing techniques for more than two decades, including tai chi, qigong, and shiatsu. Mike studied mind-body medicine at Harvard, and alternative medicine and psychology at Oxford. After running into walls with standard medical practice in the U.S. and England, Mike left his healthcare roots. He worked at a steel mill for a while, joined a web company, and then founded a few more. He now serves on the board of Odyl, which helps people discover books on Facebook. As Strala has grown, Mike has found his way back to health care done right: helping people let go of stress in their bodies and minds,  become their own best caregivers, and live happy capable lives. Mike climbs a few mountains in his spare time, and is the husband of yoga master Tara Stiles.


Heidi Kristoffer

Heidi is Strala’s resident upside-down girl, in her classes and the Strala Training programs. Nothing makes Heidi happier than being able to share her love of yoga and being upside down in the most fun, safe way possible. Heidi is a true believer that “Yoga Cures.” Lengthening and strengthening through yoga led to a healed herniated disc in Heidi’s cervical spine, and prevented surgery on two broken vertebrae in her lumbar spine. Heidi maintains an intense focus on core integration and alignment, stemming from her desire to use yoga as a tool to heal and strengthen the body. Heidi also believes that playfulness is vital, always balancing strength with levity.  In her classes, expect to breathe, laugh and sweat! Heidi is the resident yoga and nutrition expert for SHAPE magazine. Featured in numerous publications, Heidi is a Brand Ambassador for SOLOW Sport and contributes to MindBodyGreen, where she details her quest to find the most delicious and nutritious ways to fuel and re-fuel pre and post-yoga.


Sam Berlind

Sam is an Ohashiatsu teacher and practitioner living in NYC. While studying Comparative Religion and Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh in 1981, he began to practice Iyengar yoga. Sam continued to practice and teach yoga after moving to NYC. Eager to learn more about the relationship between the healing properties of yoga and traditional Asian medicine, he began studying with Wataru Ohashi. Sam fell in love with shiatsu, began teaching Ohashiatsu in 1987, and has since taught in NYC, Omega Institute, and throughout the US and Europe. Sam also teaches enhancement workshops and seminars based on his study of Feldenkrais Method, Gestalt therapy, Zen Shiatsu, TCM, and other modalities. His understanding of the healing arts is deeply influenced as well by his study and teaching of martial arts since 1988.


Derek Beres

Derek Beres has devoted his life to exposing people to international music, yoga and mythology as a means of creating better individuals and a more understanding global culture. A multi-faceted journalist, DJ and yoga instructor, he is the Creative Director of the Tadasana Festival of Yoga & Music. He has published six books, and has contributed to dozens of magazines and websites regarding the traditional and digital realms of global music, yoga and health, including Women’s Health, Yoga Journal, National Geographic, Rolling Stone Middle East, Departures, AOL, MTV, Huffington Post, the Village Voice and Relix. He currently writes a weekly column for Big Think, 21st Century Spirituality. Derek is one half of global music producers EarthRise SoundSystem, which creates innovative contexts for 21st century music and cultures to be explored. He is the creator of EarthRise Yoga, which he has taught at Equinox Fitness since 2004. Derek’s yoga classes and music have been featured by the NY Times, NBC Weekend Today, ABC Eyewitness News, Fox Business, BBC, and NY1, as well as in print and online by Fitness, Yoga Journal, Boston Globe, AOL’s Spinner, Newsday, MTV, NPR, and PRI.


Daphne Oz

Daphne Oz is co-host of ABC’S THE CHEW, a 2008 graduate of Princeton University and author of the national bestseller, THE DORM ROOM DIET. Daphne’s work has centered around finding practical, delicious, and easy solutions to achieve life-long health. Her hope is to enfranchise eaters everywhere by raising awareness about health access and food politics in America through television, print and web platforms. Daphne is an in-demand speaker on health, diet, and lifestyle issues. She is a regular contributor to and The Huffington Post, and writes a syndicated newspaper column, “Food for Thought,” covering topics ranging from alternative medicine therapies, to healthy cooking concepts, to quarter-life crisis coping strategies, to her experience as a newlywed honing her homemaker skills. Daphne is an ambassador for and helped to found HealthCorps, a non-profit that equips teenagers with nutrition, exercise, and stress management education in over 50 schools nationwide. Daphne and her husband, John, live in New York City. She tweets about all things food, fun, family, home, health and life from the handle @daphneoz.




Before July 1, $1,350 USD reserves your spot, remaining $1,550 is due by September 7 (early-bird special, total is $2,900).

Starting July 1, $1,550 USD deposit reserves your spot, remaining $1,550 is due to Strala via check or credit card by March 9 (total is $3,100).

Note: open enrollment will close when full. It’s a good idea to reserve early, our trainings fill completely.
You can reserve your spot here.

Payment plans may be available, just ask!

After payment, you must fill out Strala’s application here.  You will receive a full refund if you are not accepted into this round of Strala training.
All purchases are final. This is non-refundable, except if you are not accepted this time.
Admission to training is solely at Strala’s discretion.


Training Dates

Saturday September 7 to Sunday October 27 : Saturdays & Sundays from 1pm to 4pm


Added Time Requirements

Group work, Reading, Writing, Classes, Hands-on Teaching Practice.
Strala follows a graduate school (or adult learning) rather than grade school approach; the training is yours to go at your own pace in your own way. You can complete added work on your own timeframe, and specialize in whatever directions interest you most. We’re here to support you.



People in our trainings always bring a wide range of backgrounds and experiences; it makes for a great group. Some want to lead classes, some want to get more into their yoga, and some are just leading their own inspiring lives. If you want to jump into Strala and get into you, you’re in the right place.

Admission into the training is solely at Strala’s discretion.



Strala 200+ Hour Read-to-Lead Certification, upon successful completion.



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