Getting Out of the Breakdown Lane

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Hi Friends!

It’s not your goals that are so hard. It’s how you’re moving right now that’s hard.

We don’t get to say “Just give me my perfect life for a day so I can practice it, and Then I’ll be able to really get it!”


We get where we want to go
by being good at where we are.

This means something interesting for your yoga,
your tai chi, your life practices.

It’s not poses you should be practicing, it’s movement.


So line up your goals, this is good. It could be in your relationships or your work, your health or athletic adventures. It could even be something as simple as balancing on your hands with your legs in the air. Or baking the perfect cookie. Simple is good sometimes.

Now come back to here. How are you moving in your mind and your body right now? And how are you moving as you begin to think about getting someplace you want to be? Do things get hard before you’re close to your goal? Are things just always hard because work is hard?


Pushing hard to get somewhere does get you somewhere. But it’s a breakdown strategy.
At some point, you break down.


You blow a gasket. And you don’t get where you really want to go.

You need a strategy that doesn’t break down. You need a strategy that doesn’t break You down.

Softness, ease, grace and coordination, harmony and connection with your whole self, choosing peace over war – these things all sound wonderful. And they all fly out the window when we really want to get something big. But we need these things in our life. We need them in our now. We need them in our today if we’re going to make it to tomorrow.

It’s how you go about getting where you want to go that needs practice. And whether we know it or not, we’re always practicing. Even when we’re not thinking about our goals. Because this practice is in how we move, through everything we do, every day of our lives.

Everything counts. Everything matters.
So tune into right now, and make it good.


– by Mike


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