30 Days of Awesome You!

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Hi Friends!

Hi Friends,

Wow, what a start to 2017. If you joined for the 30 Days of Awesome You, I hope you enjoyed the positive dose of daily news and inspiration. If you missed out, no worries, I have the entire archives for you right here and you can start a new 30 day cycle any time you desire.

There are loads of nourishing and delicious recipes, some easy-going yoga routines, inspirational reads, and lots of musings. Feel free to dive in and enjoy! Make sure to be on the regular list for weekly updates, presents, and all the good vibes. There is a free detox yoga video for you to download and practice just for signing up.


Day 1 Welcome to 30 Days of Awesome You
Day 2 Be Here Now, MOSS like a Boss and More Good Vibes
Day 3 Time Chart Mapping, Almond Creamed Curry & More Fuzzys
Day 4 Party All Night, Easy Miso All Day & De-Stress Yoga in Between!
Day 5 GOALS: Get Strong, Focused & Feel Amazing
Day 6 Slow Down, Soften, Feel & Respond = Magic
Day 7 Some of My Favorite Inspirational Reads
Day 8 Because We Know Better
Day 9 When More is More
Day 10 The Path of. . . Just Hurry Up and Get Me There
Day 11 The Time the Dalai Lama Asked Me to Get in His Toyota Camry
Day 12 Can’t Get You Out of My Mind
Day 13 Gratitude is the Attitude
Day 14 Prepare and Surrender. The Magic of Trusting Yourself
Day 15 Home Stretch Flow to Get You Connected
Day 16 Goodies to Get You Calm. Piles o’ yoga, Coco Shake & A Poem
Day 17 Smelling Babies, Down Doggin & Shorty Award Nomination!!!
Day 18 Self Care Check List
Day 19 Dive into the Worm Hole of Your Awesomeness
Day 20 The Deeper and Fuller We Breathe The More Space Opens Up Inside
Day 21 Be Impeccable with Your Word and other Agreements to Live Up To
Day 22 Our Thoughts & Actions Create Exactly Who We Are
Day 23 Sanity tips from The Dalai Lama & Your New Favorite Smoothie
Day 24 Your Vibrant Energetic Year of the Rooster & Red Everything
Day 25 Knitted Hat Giveaway & Loads of Juicy Conversation
Day 26 The Truth and Toughness of Leadership
Day 27 Cosmic Stuff and The World’s Best Fruit Salad
Day 28 It Doesn’t Have to Work. You Just Have to Do It
Day 29 Navigate With Ease No Matter the Size of the Storm
Day 30 Turning Our Challenges Into Our Biggest Successes



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