Do Less to Do More

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Hi Friends!

Most of us have a bias toward more studying, and less doing.

We need to read more. Collect more information. Later on, we’ll get to the doing. If I just get some more books about tai chi and meridians and energy, then I’ll feel more confident. I’ll be more ready, to take my own first steps.

Maybe it’s because we’re risk-averse. Or we just like getting things right. So we keep going this way, arming ourselves with more and more information.

This can get heavy sometimes. It’s a lot on the mind. Maybe we could try something different.


Right now we might spend 6 days
on studying, just to get ready.
And then we get to the doing on Sundays.

Try turning it upside down.

Spend 6 days doing,
and study a little on Sundays.


A lot of us have had the experience of trying to be something we’re not. It happens when things get rigid and forceful. When we’re led to conform to something outside of us, outside of this time – rather than to create from inside of us, for right where we are, right now.


We’ve probably all felt this push to copy and conform.
It grows powerful when our minds get heavy,
filled with information but distant from our selves.


We’ve also all felt something very different.
The desire to connect and create.
It happens when things are fluid, softer.
When we replenish our selves as much as we give.


When we find harmony inside of us. Our minds are light, and we get out of our own way. We get to be what we are, here. Our energy flows freely. And it carries us on the wildest ride of our dreams.

Do more. Think less. We’re all already really good at thinking. So it’s not thinking our way into doing that we need. Wu wei. Do less to do more. Think less to do more. It’s how who we are becomes free to create what we are.

– by Mike


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