Get Deep Into One Thing to Get Deep Into Everything

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Hi Friends!

I always had coaches and teachers telling me this one, and it makes some sense to me now. I think it’s pretty common for a lot of us to get pulled in many directions. There are so many things to learn and do, and we have so many responsibilities and roles to fill.

So the question is,


How do we get good at everything we want to do?


We could study a little of each thing. I think the phrase for this one is “mile wide inch deep.” We know a little bit about many things, from this kind of study.

Or, we could go deep into one thing. With this one, there’s something interesting I’ve seen. When you set out to be really excellent at something, of course you put in the time, you line up your effort, and your attention. Maybe most of all, you orient your whole self toward what you’re doing. There’s nothing half-hearted, distracted, or disconnected here.

When you learn to orient your self in this way, something unusual happens. Of course you’ve become really good at what you’ve given so much attention to, which is great. But there’s something even more.

When you put this kind of caring and attention into your life, it gives an inspired shape to how you move, in everything you do. Mile wide inch deep can lead to a whole lot of miles, collecting just a few inches. I think this can leave a lot of us feeling dissatisfied, like something is missing. So we keep seeking.

Maybe we need to seek a bit, until we find the right place to stop seeking for a moment. Until we’re able to give our whole self to being right where we are.


When we find this place, we begin to move from something is missing, to everything is here.
A life without borders or boundaries.


Becoming excellent at one thing
is how you become excellent at everything.


– by Mike


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