Is This Right for Me?

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Is this place right for me? Is this person right for me?

A friend asked this morning if it was right for her to go on a yoga retreat for a few months. It’s a style I did a long while back, with a leader I don’t know so much about. And it’s a really common question. Should I be here? Is this a good community? Am I doing the right thing?

I’ll share some of our discussion about this yoga community and leader below. The questions, and how we find our own answers, can likely carry us a bit further than just yoga.

I think it’s important to follow your own instincts. And, ask questions. If you’re wondering about a person, or a community, Google can be a good place to start. You can learn some basics like education and background, along with how people communicate, share, and move through their own lives.  From this, I’m wondering what you think.


Does it seem like this leader is comfortable in his own self, and creating from who he is? A good leader, helping people to connect and expand in their own unique lives?


Or, does it feel to you like he might be pretending to be someone else, copying an image of yoga and gurus that he’s seen somewhere? Teaching people to copy and pretend, trying to fit an image or idea of correct that comes from some other place?


Answers to these kinds of questions will help you figure out whether you’ll be comfortable and feel good around this person, as well as the community that gravitates toward him. When a leader tries to manipulate people into fitting an outside shape or idea, the community will look just like this leader. All trying to copy and be the same thing. All falling short of a potential that is breathtakingly unique in each one of us.

When a leader inspires people to create their own shapes and ideas – not just with words, but in how they move through their own life – the community will be something quite different. All connected by shared values, richly diverse in our uniqueness. All discovering we are something much bigger.


Strala is such a strong and uplifting community, because it supports people to connect with who they are, and create from here. It’s an inside-out job. Among many things, it’s why this community is so diverse, and feels so good. It’s also why it works so well, as we’re expanding and accomplishing so much more in our lives.


Gurus can have communities too, but a group that gets stuck in copying and pretending might not feel so good to you.

At the same time, we’re not doing all this to isolate ourselves – to hide away in some far-distant place, and talk only to each other. We’re not trying to be different just for the sake of being different. We each have the ability to be exactly where we are – and exactly who we are – always moving in agreement and harmony with our whole selves. Our difference, our uniqueness, comes from here, inside. Not from trying.

We can do this around everybody. And when we do, it has a ripple effect. The people around us feel better. And they discover a greater potential in themselves. It’s how we keep expanding and creating so much progress in how we move through our lives, being in this process, right where we are.

– by Mike


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