What Do You Teach When You’re Teaching?

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Of course we can begin with a topic. It could be quantum physics or geology. Calligraphy. Poetry. Or maybe it’s Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Yoga, or Taiji.

There’s also what we teach through how we teach. How we are. This one is important. Because how we are – the beliefs, mindset, and habits we carry with us always – might be most of what we give to each other.

And there’s choice. When we teach, same as when we practice, we always have this choice.


We can push into an idea of correct,
or ease into a feeling of correct.


Take yoga as an example. Maybe our topic is safety. Our belief is there’s a correct shape to take in poses, that keeps us safe. Our mindset is we need to burn through some suffering, so we can get it right. Our habit is to follow this approach rigidly, because we know it will lead to something good. After all, it’s yoga. It’s supposed to be good for us.

When we push into an idea of what’s correct, we teach that idea. So here we teach poses that all look a certain way. And something else. We teach following. We teach people to follow what they’re told to do by an outside authority.

There might be a better how, that leads to a nicer what.

Let’s take the same topic, safety. Our belief is the shape we take arises uniquely from each of us, when we follow our nature. Our mindset is that feeling is our best guide, and feeling good is the best way to get everywhere there is to go. Our habit is to drop rigidity and instead soften, enough that we can feel, and respond to how we feel.

So what do we teach in this way, easing into a feeling of correct? First, we teach ease. Bringing our whole self into harmony, moving with grace and coordination, the science of natural movement. Second, we teach feeling.


Softening, enough that we can feel from where we are
feel-able, move from where we are moveable.

What we follow here is quite different.
The unendingly responsive and creative flow
that draws from our internal authority.


Of course, this keeps us safe. It takes us to a much greater potential, always hidden by the push to copy or be like someone else. And it just plain feels good. Because it feels like you.



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