20 Minute Yoga & Tai Chi Flow

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I’ve always been drawn to the feeling that the yoga pose isn’t the place where the magic happens. There is no final end point where the sky parts and a unicorn rainbow appears. It’s so easy with yoga, and with so many things in life, to feel like things will be great once this pose happens for me. Things will be great when this milestone happens for me. How you feel along the way matters. If we don’t practice how we feel every moment along the way, even if we accomplish a pose or a milestone, we won’t be satisfied. Nothing will ever be enough. If you’ve ever read The Lorax, he can teach you how that ends up.

Tai Chi teaches us to move well, in harmony with ourselves, in connection with the breath, and that every moment is important. This process allows us to accomplish more than if we are only focused on one end point or milestone as our goal, and allows us to notice how we feel ever moment along the way. Noticing how we feel is an essential practice for our wellbeing. Just like when a friend asks you to listen, the best thing you can do is give them your full attention. When we do that for ourselves, we flourish.

Tai Chi is the foundation for our yoga practice. Softness. Breath body connection. Moving well. This foundation can be applied to everything. It’s our choice. Move in harmony and accomplish more or isolate and disconnect and accomplish a little bit, maybe, and eventually break.

Enjoy this 20 Minute Yoga and Tai Chi Practice. In this routine we do a little bit of yoga vocabulary and a little bit of tai chi vocabulary, all rooted in softness and breath body connection.

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