Strala Online Event, 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training, Simplify in November 2020

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What: Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training, Simplify. This training is a special chance for clarity, peace, inspiration, and unbounded energy. These are a few of the many affects you’ll discover in a profound practice of simplifying. You’ll create the ground you need for creativity and confidence in your actions, and your leadership.

And if you’re looking to lead classes in yoga, tai chi, or carry new approaches, skill-sets and practices into your work, it’s also a Leadership Training which provides a 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training Certification.

Every year this program has a totally new curriculum, so whether it’s your first time or you’re returning to reconnect, we’re excited to share a wonderful new experience with you here.

Where: This course is entirely online, so you can join from right where you are each day.

When: Daily sessions from November 1 to 14, 2020. We’ll have two hour-long video sessions schedule each day, plus added video sessions through the day as questions and topics come up, all shared in our private online group for this training. These sessions are all recorded and saved in this group, so you can always watch on your own schedule, and review whenever you like.

Plus forever access to the complete online training, so you can go all at your own pace and keep coming back whenever you like. This includes all the video sessions, reading, practice notes, multi-month practice plans, and our private online community for graduates.

Training Cost. You can register now for $1,295, and the cost for the full two weeks is $2,590, so you can make the second-half payment any time before training begins. This includes the complete Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training in our online library, and for nothing extra we’re adding all these daily live video sessions from November 1 – 14, along with the private group for everyone joining during this time. It’s a really wonderful way for us all to share here together, just like our in-person trainings. You can click here to register.

If you’ve already enrolled in the Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training from our online library, and would like to join and have forever access to all these daily video sessions, the cost is just $595, and you can register here.

Our program is backed by mind-body medicine pioneer Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Chair of Neurology at Harvard and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Rudolph Tanzi.  Strala is also a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Click Here to Register


“Strala is an elegantly simple and sophisticated way to move our breath, our body, and our whole self into the state we need, to create who we want to be: the optimal expression of ourselves.”

– Dr. Rudolph Tanzi – Chair of Neurology at Harvard and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital



What’s Here

This training gives you both Part 1 and 2 in the Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training from our online library, including more than 150 instructional video sessions and practice classes, comprehensive Guidebooks covering each section of the course, detailed 2-Month and Multi-Month Training and Practice Plans, Final Exam, and membership in our private community for graduates, so we can all keep sharing and growing together here.

It also gives you access to our private online group specially created for this training time, so we can share questions and experiences together just like our in-person courses, and our daily live instructional video sessions, which are also recorded, so you can watch and review whenever you like.

A forever resource. This is all yours to use before, during, and after our training time together here. Even once you complete everything, it doesn’t go away. Everything remains here for you to keep using as a resource for practice and support, whenever you need it.

– Week 1.  We’ll begin our first week covering Part 1 of the Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training, and during our daily live video sessions we’ll expand into a whole new range of skill-sets and practices.

– Week 2. We’ll begin our second week covering Part 2 of the Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training, again expanding throughout our daily live video sessions into many new skill-sets and practices, and always more ways to help.

This training is a curve back toward your most natural self. It’s time for you to gain what you specifically need at this moment in your life. Whether you’re craving some time just for yourself, a jump-start to your passion, insight for your practice or leading, entering a new phase of life, or simply feel the urge to be here for a reason you’re unable to articulate yet, you are invited to lean into these weeks of ease and connection. I am happy to welcome you all here.



How It Works

All our trainings and retreats have a unique curriculum that’s different from what’s covered in other 100, 200, and 500 hour programs. So what you learn here will be all new approaches, practices, and skill-sets, and makes a nice continuation from any previous studies with Strala or anywhere, without repetition. You’ll always discover new ways to take good care of yourself, find harmony and ease in your body and life, and give this to the people you lead.

All this begins with you.  You’re always leading what have, how you are, in everything you do. It’s in how you get around a room, how you get around your life, that people follow. Much more than what you say.

And it’s wonderful, magical, when what you say agrees with what you do.  So we’re coming together here to share this as a practice.  To create the ground we all need to be how we want to be, first in our selves, and then for each other.

It’s not always complicated, but it’s also not easy.  It takes some slowing down, simplifying, subtracting the noise around us and in us.  From here we see where we are, and discover who it is we’re meant to be.  What are you good at?  What do you love?  It’s in these simple practices to find this, and grow stronger, more capable, in who we really are.

The unique set of skills you develop – for connecting with yourself and others, unblocking your energy, healing what needs healing and accomplishing challenge with ease – uncovers your ability to create the life you want, and be an inspiring leader to the people around you.



Who Is This For

Everything we do is designed to help people begin where they are, and develop the concrete practices that carry us where we want to go. So wherever you are is a perfect place to begin. This is true for all of our courses, including this online training.

The people joining our trainings and retreats are a wonderfully diverse and inspiring group. They range from 16 to over 80. They’re from dozens of countries worldwide. They are entrepreneurs and chief executives, professors and librarians, scientists and researchers, studio owners and fitness instructors, yoga teachers of every style, psychologists and physiotherapists, life and health coaches, doctors and lawyers. They are moms and dads, daughters and sons, and lifelong friends.

Some are relative beginners, some are long-time practicers and teachers.  Some want to teach, and some want to progress with their own yoga.  Wherever you are now is a great place to begin.  We’re lucky to have this rich diversity, it makes wonderful ground for real-world learning and sharing.

You might join for your profession, for teaching yoga or tai chi, or you might join just for you.  Whatever your purpose, we have this time to share a set of holistic skills and practices, that carry across your everything you do.


What You Get

Approaches, Practices, Skill-sets: We’ll explore practices to discover and enliven who and how you are, in everything you do, using Strala’s approach to yoga, tai chi, qigong, and meditation.  You’ll carry with you something both simple and straightforward enough to practice every day, right where you are, in whatever you’re doing.  And powerful enough to change everything.  It all begins with you.

Complete Online Training Access: This training gives you both Part 1 and 2 in our Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training, including more than 150 instructional video sessions and practice classes, comprehensive Guidebooks covering each section of the course, detailed 2-Month and Multi-Month Training and Practice Plans, Final Exam, and membership in our private community for graduates, so we can all keep sharing and growing together here.

Daily Live Video Sessions: During our time from June 15 – 28, we’ll have two scheduled instructional video sessions each day, shared live in our private group for everyone in this training.  And throughout each day we’ll share live video questions, answers, and experiences with the group.  All of these video sessions will be recorded, so you can also watch and review on your own schedule, whenever you like.

Private Online Training Group.  From June 15 – 28, you’ll also have access to our private online group specially created for this training time and group, so we can share questions and experiences together just like our in-person courses, and our daily live instructional video sessions, which are also recorded, so you can watch and review whenever you like.

Community: Once we’ve completed this time together, you’ll also have access to our other private online community, this one for Strala graduates worldwide. It’s our way to keep connecting with each other, and with Tara and Mike, for ongoing questions, sharing experiences, and progress.

Exam. We have a not-scary exam for reviewing what you’ve learned and sharing some direct feedback with you, just like our in-person trainings.

Certification: We provide a 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training Certification upon completion of this training. You’ll receive a formal 200 Hour Diploma, and a profile on our website that documents all your hours, coursework and degrees completed.  Also the yoga alliances are now accepting online 200 hour certification.  Harvard, Stanford, so many top universities have long been offering really wonderful online education, it just makes good sense to learn from the top people in each field, from wherever you are.  So it’s nice that the alliances are supporting this now.

Strala is credited by the Chair of Neurology at Harvard, and Director of the Genetics Research and Aging Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, by mind-body-medicine pioneer Dr. Deepak Chopra, and by the global Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Continuing Education Credit: This training provides you with 200 hours of credit, which also fulfills the additional study and practice components in our 300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training.

Lifetime: Inspiring and uplifting leadership – creating the space for ground-breaking achievement in your own life and the lives of the people you lead – is the practice of a lifetime. When you learn to release stress, find harmony in your body and peace in your mind, heal what needs healing, and accomplish challenge with ease, you have something amazing to share.




Strala Trainings are all led entirely by the founders, and every member of our faculty has more than 20 years of practical experience, and between 4 and 10 years of advanced education at top institutions, including Harvard, Oxford, and University of Edinburgh. Our program is backed by mind-body medicine pioneer Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Chair of Neurology at Harvard and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Rudolph Tanzi.


Tara Stiles is the founder of Strala. Strala is practiced in more than 100 countries, and thousands of people are leading Strala in studios, gyms, and schools worldwide. Even more Strala training graduates bring what they learn to their office, team, healing practice, and across all of life. The mission we share is to help people accomplish far more, through softening and connecting with our creativity and purpose.

Tara has authored several best-selling books including Slim Calm Sexy Yoga, Yoga Cures, Make Your Own Rules Diet, Strala Yoga, and Guiding Strala, all translated and published in several languages. She has been profiled by The New York Times, Times of India, The Times (UK), and featured in most major national and international magazines. Harvard profiled Tara‘s work in a case study, and she has spoken with students at Harvard and New York University about her experience, and approaches to creativity and leadership.

Tara supports The Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the American Heart Association initiative to combat childhood obesity, as well as BOKS, which together are bringing Strala classes to more than 30,000 schools around the United States and Canada.

Tara studied classical dance with ABT Principal Rory Foster, and choreography with Paul Taylor original member and world renowned master Eileen Cropley. She is married to Strala co-founder Mike Taylor.


Mike Taylor is the resident healer and co-founder of Strala. Named “Best Mover” by MindBodyGreen, he’s practiced Eastern movement and healing techniques, including tai chi, qigong, and shiatsu, for more than three decades.

In his younger years, Mike challenged centuries of reasonable and well-tested martial traditions in hundreds of competitions, by applying unruly imagination to a world where rules were unbreakable. As he got older, he continued on to medical applications of the mind-body connection in university. Mike studied mind-body medicine at Harvard, and complementary medicine at Oxford. After running into walls with standard medical practice, Mike left his healthcare roots and turned to mountaineering. He worked at a steel mill, joined a web company, then founded a biotech software company.

Now Mike has found his way back to health care done right, helping people let go of stress in their bodies and minds, and become their own best caregivers. Mike still climbs a few mountains in his spare time, and is married to Strala co-founder Tara Stiles.




Movement, breath, meditation, sensitivity, alignment, experiential anatomy and physiology, touch, support, safety, strength, flexibility, stability, mobility, injuries, stress, healing, chronic pain and ailments, disease, psychology, anxiety, depression, therapy, health, nutrition, spirituality, history, language, voice, sequence, pace, music, position, body language, attitude, adults, children.

Softness and Breath Body Connection. Softness enables you to move your whole self without a fight. Movement is guided and fueled by your breath. Every inhale lifts, expands, strengthens. Every exhale softens, makes it easier to be here, and moves you further. This oceanic experience allows your body to go along for the ride, creating space for lightness and ease in your experience.

Principles of Movement, Tai Chi and Traditional Medicine.  How to accomplish far more, in everything you do.  Begin with softness, the ground for moving your whole self with ease. From here you discover how to use breath, center, and all the movement principles found in tai chi, qigong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, to unlock energy and bring your whole self into harmony. Challenge is met with peace and ease, rather than force and aggression.

Feeling. Slow down and breath deep enough to feel, believe that what you feel is worth responding to, and respond. Your connection to feeling and intuition allows you to move into exactly what you need in each moment.  You’ll learn to be in alignment with yourself always, and feel good every step of the way.

Practice: Make Hard Things Easy.  It’s possible to get where you want to go by learning to drop the stress, and move easily through challenge. In fact, it’s not just possible. The best among us – the most inspirational of any human effort – has been achieved in this way.

We’ll replace the self-limiting myth of no pain no gain, release stress and struggle from our bodies and minds, and use the principles of movement to make the impossible possible.  This becomes your way of being. It becomes how you move, how you create yourself, and the world around you.

Whatever goals you might have, how you feel when you get there is created by how you are along the way. In yoga, this is why challenges like handstands are best achieved not by practicing handstands – but by learning to move easily and comfortably in your body, through everything you do. Of course you can take a handstand by force – jumping and crashing, using muscle rather than coordination and grace. But this will never feel good. And the goal will lack meaning. We’ll have learned only to reach our goals by force, by not feeling good.

So of course there’s a better way, moving with grace and coordination, rather than by force and struggle. We learn something valuable about ourselves, moving this way. We learn that we can accomplish much more in our lives without stress and struggle than with it. We learn that we can get to wherever we want from wherever we are. And we learn that we can feel good, always.  It’s not about the handstand. It’s how you get where you’re going that creates what you have.

Guiding: how to create an uplifting and enabling experience.  Your first responsibility is to take really good care of yourself. What you have for yourself is what you have to give to others.  From here, we move through the best ways to orchestrate an amazing experience for everyone around you.  You’ll learn to lead people into their own freedom, intuition, creativity, and radiantly good health.

Healing: Touch and Support.  How to create a supportive, enabling, and healing relationship with yourself, and with others. We’ll detail the core principles of safety, alignment, and practical anatomy, and provide an effective approach for healing of both acute injury and chronic pain.

Stress, Health & Nutrition.  We’ll explore your mind-body connection, the role of stress in disease, and techniques for releasing stress and activating your body’s Relaxation Response.  We’ll also explore the microbiome, and various nutritional strategies for curing ailments and enabling optimal health.

Leadership, Work, Life.  We’ll carry our practice of being, moving and healing into how you create the life you want.

More Practice.  All of our trainings are very practical.  We’re not just talking about all of this – we’re going to do it together. So we have plenty of real class time for practice, exploration, and making what you want real in your everyday life.


Take care of yourself to take care of everyone

Your main job as a Guide or teacher is to take great care of yourself. From here you can begin to help others. You’ll sharpen your tools, your skills, and your delivery. What you are truly sharing is the experience of how you feel about yourself. We’ll dive into exploring self care through mindfulness, thoughtful movements, and clear language, opening up multiple paths for you to be of service to yourself and others.




Training Registration: You can register now for $1,295, and the cost for the full two weeks is $2,590, so you can make the second-half payment any time before training begins.

This includes Part 1 and 2 in our Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training from our online library, and for nothing extra we’re adding all the daily live video sessions from November 1 – 14, along with the private group for everyone joining during this time, so we can all share here together, just like our in-person trainings.

You can click here to register.

If you’ve already enrolled in the complete Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training from our online library, and would like to join and have forever access to all these daily video sessions, the cost is just $595, and you can register here.

If you’re already enrolled in just one part of the Strala Online 200+Hour Yoga Leadership Training (either Part 1 or Part 2), you can use the regular registration here to get the second part, and this will be your complete cost for this training.

Joining for One Week. It’s always fine to join these trainings one week at a time, if this is easier for your schedule. Just email to set this up.

Payment plans are available, just email

Please understand that all payments are final, and this is non-refundable, except if you are not admitted this time. Admission to training is solely at Strala’s discretion.



About Strala

Strala combines the movement and healing wisdom of tai chi with the form vocabularies of yoga, tai chi, qigong, and Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine, to help people release stress, move easily through challenge, and live radiantly inspiring lives.

It begins with a mindset, that says our best way to get where we’re going is to feel good along the way. It also works miracles for whole health, helping us to find ease in our bodies and minds, and create the right conditions both for healing and optimal performance.

In our Strala Training Courses, you learn to shape your destiny on every level that counts. The unique set of skills you develop – for connecting with yourself and others, unblocking your energy, healing what needs healing and accomplishing challenge with ease – uncovers your ability to create the life you want, and be an inspiring leader to the people around you.



We have an online library of classes, retreats, and trainings with Tara and Mike, which includes weekly live classes and workshops. New videos added regularly, and always we’re here to help.



If you have any questions or need something, it’s always fine to reach us directly, using

Click Here to Register


Open the door to a whole new way of connecting, sharing, and growing with everyone in your life.

These trainings are an incredibly rewarding life-long adventure of mutual support, and inspiring accomplishment. We’re lucky to have this in our lives. Thank you everybody, it’s so exciting to get started with you here.


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