4 Great Books to Get Cozy With

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Here are 4 books that I devoured lately and gained loads inspiration for delicious recipes, happiness in life and career, and social good. Gobble these up to enrich yourself in all the good ways. So grab your favorite hoodie and cozy up with these reads.

Snuggling up with A Call to Action is like sitting on an old southern porch with a tall glass of sweet tea, spending a long afternoon with a great grand dad (who just happens to be President Carter) and soaking up all the wisdom from 90 years of living with some awakening challenges to go out and heal the way we treat each other. Papa Jimmy reminds me to drop the worry about my first world privileged problems and get on the good foot to help create positive change.




I met the sunshine beam that is Tanya Maher a couple years back when she invited me and some gal pals to have “healthy cocktails” and bites at her adorable and uber hip cafe, Tanya’s in London’s chic hood Chelsea. Tanya is a rad girl’s girl, ready to have a great time and celebrate living a vibrant life. Don’t be fooled by her carefree vibe. This gal earned her success and doesn’t take anything for granted. She’s up early and works late dealing with the ins and outs of running her restaurants and hectic schedule. I can relate to the latter, and am devouring The UncookBook to catch her secrets.

plant powered way


Rich and Julie are the real deal. They have been friends of ours through ups and downs and always there to just be someone normal to sit with that doesn’t want to “pick your brain”. They are supportive, lovely, and mega inspiring, always without judgment, which is super hard to find in the hard core world of plant activism. Biblical stuff is what’s going on in their camp! Both of their personal stories are nothing short of miraculous, and their gaggle of happy, glowing children sets them up as the Brangelina (who I am also madly obsessed with) of wellness. The PlantPower Way is a great gift for guys too. I gave this book to my brother for Christmas. Sometimes it’s just nice for men to take advice from other men to cut through the noise of all of us green juice gals. Rich is a normal dude that decided to change his life to something extraordinary. Families get inspired and hop on the bandwagon of Rich and Julie.. . aka Rulie. There, I named them Royalty now!



It’s a good time to be a self-starter, and a lot of books and experts claim to be able to give the tools for your success. But not so many of these books come from true originators like Jason.

Jason has been a friend, and great advisor from the early days of stråla. We met back in his cookie company days, right when he was beginning to build mindbodygreen. Both of our businesses have grown a ton since then. In a way, we’ve grown up together as founders and happiness seekers.

When Jason started MindBodyGreen, using the words “mind” and “body” without the word “spirit” attached was radical. He’s an originator in the world of mainstream wellbeing. He was the first to create what is now the normal that everyone wants, a normal that works.

I also strived to evolve the most useful and powerful of concepts – yoga and mindfulness – into something that we all can practice, enjoy, and use to live well. Guiding people to follow how you feel – rather than follow a dogma – was radical when we began, and many yoga-fists were shaken in our direction. But now, it’s the normal that everyone wants, a normal that works.

If you want to build a business around your passion, read WELLth. If you want to live a happy life, read WELLth

Word says Mike & I make an appearance in the book too!

Read on!

Disclaimer: I’m not participating in any affiliate program or paid by anyone to promote these books. All opinions are my own and these books rule!