Lets be real folks, yoga is super important for overall health, focus, clarity, connection, inspiration, and intuition, and so many more benefits and expansiveness, but when it comes to our entire health, it doesn’t matter how many hours we spend meditating or in Warrior 2, if it doesn’t change the way we eat for the better, our quality of life suffers.  I’ve gotten super into experimenting with whole foods, cooking, preparing, juicing, blending, and simply paying more attention to not only what I consume, but where the foods come from, and the energy that is involved in the whole process.

We’ve all experienced the following events.  

1) Eating something not-so-good for ourselves, like a greasy pizza, french fries with weird oils, over processed desserts, you name it, we’ve eaten it, right?  Unless you were born in an ashram and stayed there, and never snuck in a bag of M&M’s, you feel me right?  I snuck in M&M’s to an ashram just a few years ago because I wasn’t sure if they would have any chocolate at all, and committing to a weekend sans chocolate was NOT something I was prepared to deal with.  You can read more about the story of my chocolate crash, and how I met my husband (he had back up chocolate, how fortunate for him) on page 6 of Slim Calm Sexy Yoga. (my first book)

I digress, we’ve also (hopefully) experienced situation

2) A nice calm day/night at home, peaceful state of mind, spontaneous inspiration to prepare healthy, nourishing food.  Our intuition guides the preparation and we end up with a gorgeous, delicious, nutritious meal that was a satisfying meal and an expansive experience.

Now, I challenge you, think back to the last 7 days of your life.  Have you had more of the first or second types of eating experiences? If you are leaning towards the first, lets try to bring us all more towards the second.  Once you get in the habit of the second, you’ll get addicted to feeling great, expansive, and energized all the time.

I present a challenge for all of us for the next 7 days. I’ll participate too. Lets keep track of our meal experiences and make a tally.  Now, I know. . . you’re busy! You have a job, a life, a family, school, etc. You can’t be at home and prepare every meal followed by a hot bath, 30 minutes of meditation, and 20 minutes of journal writing.  Me either! But we can attempt to bridge the gap between both experiences and draw ourselves further into sustainable energy and radiant health.

A few tips for us all to keep in mind.

1) Avoid eating while looking or working on the computer or watching TV.

2) Grocery shop, farmers market shop, whatever you got that’s your best bet, go there, get the good stuff, greens, veggies, quinoa, tea, almond milk. You know what to do.

3) Daydream about preparing and cooking.

4) Turn your mind off from time to time. Just for these 7 days, see if you can peel yourself away from your thoughts a little more than usual. Step away from the computer when you are done with work. Avoid the TV as much as possible, and make just a little time for yourself to be quiet each day.

I’ll report back!  Keep me company in the 7 Day Healing Through Whole Foods and Calm Mind Challenge!