Happy is a film by Roko Belic. I was asked to speak on a panel after the film’s screening in NYC. I watched the film on the train ride back from Boston last night and it was a powerful reminder to reconsider what makes us happy, why it’s important, and what are we doing to get happy?

One of my favorite parts of the film is nice shots of the islanders of Okinawa, the place on the planet with the highest population of vibrant people over 100 years old. They must be happy! And they are. They have a big sense of community, helping each other, and supporting each other. Other places and people in the world shown who value working the hardest, earning the most, and succeeding no matter what the cost, are the least healthy and happy. No surprise there. What was surprising, is that we all get caught up in what we should be doing, even in our pursuit of happiness, instead of actually being in the moment, which, when you watch the film is evident among the vibrant people and communities who value the present.

If you’re in NYC tonight, the screening is free. Come on down. If you’re not, catch the film on iTunes or other places movies are watched.

Happiness is our natural state. We spend a lot of time and energy convincing ourselves to do other things so far away from the happiness center in order to get right back to happy. Happy people are more productive, healthy, and fulfilled than unhappy people. Happiness has nothing to do with external circumstances, but with an internal spark that exists in all of us adn connects all of us. When we remember the spark, and simmer in our essence, we remember that happiness is who we are naturally. Sometimes it takes a bit to get back to where we started. Happy.

 3 Ways to Get More Happy in Your Life. – Thank you Happy for Reminding me!

1. Random Acts of Kindness. (proven in studies to make people dramatically happier)

2. Surround yourself with close friends and family. (also shown to add dramatically to overall happiness)

3. Pursue interests that make you happy and feed your passion. (passion over money = success + happiness)

xo – in Happiness!



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