This perfect lunch salad is supper yummy, satisfying, and will give you loads of energy to last through the afternoon.

You might think arugula is too bitter to not be loaded up with salad dressing, but don’t worry, this salad comes out super sweet and super good! It’s the yellow pepper, olives, lemon, and rice combo that cut the bitter and make it savory!

You’ll need
1/2 cup black rice (prepared + chilled in fridge)
1 yellow pepper
A few olives
Small handful of pine nuts
2 handfuls of wild arugula
1/2 lemon

Now What
Put the rice in bowl
Add arugula
Chop yellow pepper + add to mix
Add olives and pine nuts
Add a bit of juice from olives (check jar they came in)
Squeeze 1/2 lemon on salad
Mix it up!