Ask Strala : Are Raw Food Diets Right?

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I want to thank everyone who writes such amazing blogs on this site. All of them are informative and inspiring. I enjoy the down-to-earth approach to health and fitness.

I have been very confused as of late. There has been a lot of hype regarding raw food diets. While my vegan diet could use some help (too many packaged options, coffee, etc) I am curious if all-raw is really better.

If any of you guys are long-term vegans, I would love your opinions.

Thanks! Mary Ann



Hi Mary Ann, good morning and thanks for writing.

The quick answer is, try things! You’re your own best laboratory, so experiment, and see how you feel.

I agree that totally raw may be too far to go, and you’re right about the packaged food. Cook your own as much as you can!

We like Michael Pollan’s guideline a lot: eat real food, mostly plants, not too much.

For living within that, we’re all different.  There is no single “right,” and we each get wherever we’re going on our own two feet. Other people’s rules are just other people’s rules!

Hope this helps, thanks Mary Ann, and happy Monday!