Ask Strala: Can Strala Training help me get a job?

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I am trying to understand what the chances are that I would actually be qualified and able to teach yoga after completion of the training?

Of course, I do understand that a lot of it depends on what I make of it. But would the Strala Certification be very helpful in opening doors for me at smaller yoga studios — not necessarily just in NYC, but for example in the Bay Area and in Europe — assuming that on top of the certification I am good at leading classes?

I have no prior yoga teaching experience. I am not necessarily thinking about making this my full time career, but as a part-time occupation to provide balance to existing work. Any specific examples of what those who participated in the training before ended up doing would also be very helpful.

Thanks, Valerie



Hi Valerie, thanks for writing.

Good questions. I’ll break the response into two parts.

a) Qualification. We spend a great deal of time in the training on hands-on practical work. This has set people up well for qualification and capability in their future leading.

What I’ve noticed with Strala is that our people can do a great deal in their bodies (and in their lives), with a great deal of ease. No struggle. It’s inspiring! This feeds into part b) below.

b) Getting a job. First, I’ve noticed when studio owners hire, they look for people who are capable. This capability isn’t related to how many yoga alliance hours you’ve spent learning an ancient language or studying mythology; it’s what you can do in your yoga and in your life that’s important. Strala people are very strong here.

Next, will Strala help open doors? Through Tara’s direct, online and television work, Strala is practiced around the world by millions of people. I’m not sure how to confirm this, but have been told Strala reaches more people now than any other style. If you’re heading across America or overseas – and you’re good! – you’ll do well.

Strala’s reach helps when looking for work. People graduating from our program who want work have gotten work right away. They’ve ranged from Canada to Mexico, the Northeast to California. One studio owner adopted Strala for all her classes, and she’s really happy with how things are going. Europe is also exciting. Tara was the biggest presenter in history at the London Om Yoga show; people love Strala there.


I think things work well with Strala training for a few reasons. A couple of them come to mind here

1) We spend more time on practice with actual leading than other programs.

2) A style and training tend to reflect the people who create and practice it. Tara’s pretty capable, and that capacity has moved naturally through the training.


Hope this helps, and happy Monday night!



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