Ask Strala: Can Yoga Help My Back Pain?

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Hi Mike,

I am taking you up on your offer to email you on the 5 exercises you were telling me can help my back (herniated disc, I was told by a Doctor). The pain is low on the left side and started shooting down my leg about a month ago. I always want to opt for natural treatments over any pill etc.

I had such an amazing time NYE, it was so much fun and I walked out sooo happy. I was talking to Tara about getting certified and I know Heidi had alot more injuries then I have. I just don’t want my back to hinder my practice.

Thanks for your time, great to finally meet you!




Hi Leslie good afternoon!

Our bodies respond very well to what we do every day. If we’re each day sitting at a desk, carrying a baby in one arm, or running with heavy loads on our back, it’s sure that our body will respond, often with pain. Left unattended, that first sign of pain can make a home in us, and become an every day chronic resident.

Luckily, our bodies respond equally well to what we do every day to help & heal ourselves. With a little knowledge and care, we can support our bodies to do what they like to do best: be healthy and feel good.


Ok here you go. 5 moves, 5 to 10 minutes, every day.

1) Scissor Switch, 30 times. Lie on your back, start with legs straight up, then scissor-switch (legs alternate straight up and down toward ground). Keep your knees soft, and lower back firmly connected to the ground (if it lifts up, just don’t lower your feet as close to the ground).

2) Broken Scissors, 30 times. Start with legs straight up, open to sides and alternate crossing at upper thighs. Soft knees.

3) Leg Raises, 20 times. Start with legs straight up. Lower toward the floor, then lift until hips lift and lower back rounds slightly off the ground. Soft knees, keep lower back firmly connected to the ground.

4) Bridge Lifts, 3 times, 10 second holds. Lie on back with feet on the ground, knees up. Lift your hips up a few inches into a soft bridge, and squeeze your butt for 10 seconds! Release back down, rest and repeat.

5) Twist Left and Right, 1 to 2 minutes each side. This can be an eagle twist, or knee across body. Play around with how close you bring your crossing thigh to your body.


A couple of important things

1) Do this every day! Your body responds really well to what you do, and what you don’t do, every day. Suggest doing this in the morning, before life intervenes.

2) Do all this easy. It should feel less like exercise, and more like getting into your body.

Try this for a week or two and let me know how it goes



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