Ask Strala: How do I yoga to get lean and healthy?

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Hi Tara and team 🙂

I just got your ‘this is yoga’ set and am SO excited!! I was curious if you could give a suggested rotation for me? I work out 6 days per week (typically about an hour a day). My goals are to tighten up and to (hopefully) lose 10 pounds.

I have some thyroid & cortisol issues going on, and am really hoping yoga might help me out

My regular routine is pretty intense & I’m not sure if it’s working for or against me. Years ago I went to hatha (power) yoga classes regularly & loved them. Due to my schedule that’s impossible so my workouts have changed.

I really want to lengthen, lean not bulky. Any tips? My diet is in check. Thanks so much!

Stacy 🙂


Hi Stacy, good morning and thanks for writing.

Good question, and the best answer is . . . experiment!

Change things up and see how you feel. You’re your own best laboratory. Maybe one week try all yoga every day. Sometimes easygoing yoga, sometimes more vigorous. Another week stick with your intensity in other areas, and just throw in a little gentle yoga.

The key is listening to how you feel as you try different things, different routines, different foods . . . everything is worth trying.

Things like diets never work because other people’s rules are just other people’s rules. What works is just paying attention to how you feel, and making adjustments along the way. We all get to get there on our own two feet 🙂



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