Does Strala focus on spirituality, or is it all physical?



All moments are spiritual, so no moment is more spiritual than another. No aspect is more spirit or more body or more anything.


We’re all single, connected, whole human beings, not disjointed collections of minds, bodies, and spirits. We are what we are, all the time, ours to experience.


Feeling into our selves and connecting inward is spiritual. Talking about philosophy and history of yoga, to me, is at best an intellectual pursuit. Talking isn’t spiritual. You’re spiritual. You’re a spirit. When you feel you, that’s spiritual. It’s not my best place to tell you what to call that. It’s yours!

I am much more useful in the world guiding people to connect to themselves and expand from there, than I would be preaching philosophy before, during, and after a yoga session. Guiding other teachers to lead with a similar approach invites many more people into the practice than a philosophy discussion does. The thing about yoga is, you have to do it.

I think we all do really well when we practice connecting with our own feelings and making our own choices. We don’t need someone else to tell us how to feel, speak, or move in our lives.


We all have a great capacity to get where we want to go on our own two feet, making our own rules. A great use of yoga is in practicing that creative capability. You get what you practice!


xo Tara