August 2022 Strala Home Calendar: If You Can Breathe, You Can Do Yoga

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If You Can Breathe, You Can Do Yoga

This phrase has been moving through me like a gentle whack on the back of my head since I took my first yoga class as a teen. My first thought was wow, this is amazing. I’m in my own space ship and I can navigate my life from here in a healthy and positive way. I felt this practice of yoga was a huge clue to using my energy for good. My second thought was the one that came with a whack. Why don’t my friends do yoga? Why doesn’t everyone do yoga? Why isn’t this as simple as drinking water? And so the pull, just like so many of us who are drawn into a life supported by creating a good connection to self and others begins.

While we were in Berlin leading our 200+Hour Yoga Training, I was so pleased to hear this phrase, If you can breathe, you can do yoga, brought up over and over. Part of what makes yoga accessible isn’t only that it’s available, it’s in how you practice and how the practice is led to you. With Strala Yoga, we focus on moving well, in a way that feels like you, not in a way where you feel like you are trying to be good at this yoga. There is no pushing or forcing yourself. There is plenty of challenge, without the negative self talk or stress. There is ease and calm and noticing how you feel. We are so proud to practice in this diverse and joyful global community where it’s easy to be support each other because we practice being comfortable with ourselves.

We’re so grateful to practice with you at StralaHome.

If You Can Breathe, You Can Do Yoga

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Getting in that meditation made easy from our friend @aceyogala
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@raebroderick is hosting her lovely retreat in Ireland again. Registration is open for the experience of a lifetime.
🇨🇮Ireland Yoga, Surf + Music Retreat: May 21-25, 2023🇨🇮The doors are open, sweet friends, for you to reserve your space. Save $250.00 with code EARLYBIRD at checkout.Yoga, Cliffs walk, meditation, food, accommodations, music, spa facilities, opening + closing receptions (plus a special gift!😉) are included.À la carte additions include surf lessons at @thegreenroomlahinch + on-site massage with Denis Jackson-Wade.I don’t have many photographs of yoga inside the space because we don’t allow for pictures during this special time. Daily @stralayoga with yours truly, as well as thoughtful + relaxing Yin Yoga with retreat is for you. Take what you need + leave the rest. Take all the classes. Take none. No matter. Honor how you feel.I wish these posts did justice to the magical place that is @cliffs_of_moher_retreat.More details at the link in bio. These retreats do sell out every year, so, if you’re on the fence, drop me a line. Let’s connect. Prices will increase December 16.I don’t have any fancy marketing, so, shares + tags for folks you think may want to join you or may be interested are deeply felt + appreciated.Roll on May.🤎
Great advice from @the_a_life#slowdown #stralayoga #unplug
Ok, how cozy is super Guide @marion.strala and her bunny 🐰 doing their daily practice of ease? Obsessed.
Every moment is an opportunity to make a good connection with yourself and the world around you. Great example from Guide #connection #stralayoga #taichi #coregulation
Beautiful morning routine by Guide @sharonmcdonaldlove what do you do to center yourself in the morning?#stralayoga #morningroutine #selfcare #morningprayer
Huge congrats to our friend & co-conspirator in ease, @colinfbroderick on this beautiful screening of his incredible film A Bend in the River.Strala fam, you will love this film. The nature is a character. The trees sway. A challenging life is explored and transformed for the positive. Snuggle in and enjoy!If you are new to knowing @colinfbroderick he is one to follow for artistic inspiration and for his next film and book projects. His new book, Woodstock Goes to Hollywood is amazing. Winnie the Pooh for Grownups. Colin is the partner to our long time friend and cherished global Guide, @raebroderick Go team go!#stralafam #colinbroderick #irishfilm #abendintherivermovie