Hang in the Awesome Place

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Language is powerful when it matches how we are.

There is a really cool exercise we do in Strala Yoga Training, that is a great reminder for us all. A Guide leads a small group without speaking. When you are in front of a group, how you move, how you are, how you think and feel about yourself is amplified as loud as shouting through a megaphone. Subtracting language quiets distraction and creates space to feel what is really going on.

The breath-body connection, a moving and healing relationship between your breath and body, allows you to do what you do with softness and ease, without falling into rigid patterns. It creates a safe environment for you and those around you. When you move with softness and care, you become more graceful and confident in where your body and energy are. Your mind becomes calm and alert. People can feel what you are doing and where you are heading next. Trust in yourself and those around you is created.

When we allow ourselves to notice how we feel, respond and make positive change from there, we find something better than good, we find an awesome place. One of the coolest things I love about yoga is it’s new with every breath. We are new with every breath. Each of us has a unique awesome place.

When we allow ourselves to move with care, we can hang in the awesome place. When we do this together, we create a wonderful diverse forest, an orchestra moving in harmony. When we can hang in our awesome place, we also are cultivating the confidence to allow others to find their awesome place too. We form healthier relationships with ourselves and others, by simply taking great care of ourselves.

Whether you are in the role of a teacher, parent, friend, team member, or standing in line at the grocery store, we are all leading each other around, with and without our language. Move with care so you can hang in your awesome place, then pick your head up and see how awesome the affect on others you have. How awesome is that!

I move with care, so I can hang in the awesome place.

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