Creating a Productive Space

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How does your space make you feel? We use a lot of careful consideration in creating & caring for our Strala Yoga spaces (a topic we cover in trainings & working with companies on wellbeing practices) whether you own your own studio, teach in a gym, park, or are running a meeting in a conference room, how you create & use the space impacts the experience for your guests greatly. Some suggestions we keep in mind.


1. Clutter.

Consider the stuff in the room. Is there clutter & furniture you can tidy up & remove to open the space? If there is junk and chachkies lying around the feeling that gives to your guests is cluttered & tense. Clear the clutter & you’ll give the experience of open, focused & calm.


2. Direction.

Where you face in the room & where the focus is colors the experience. Does your room have natural light? Do you take advantage by facing it or ignoring it? Light connects us to our creativity & gives the feeling of calm & openness. If you are giving a presentation in a boardroom where you put yourself to deliver your talk is important. If you sit in front of a busy wall people will be attracted to the wall distractions instead of you. If you put your back facing the light, you will be in silhouette & not received clearly. Find a place to put yourself that is clear & open to provide the stage for an experience with possibilities.


3. Atmosphere.

If you are leading, teaching or presenting you are the captain of the atmosphere. How you welcome people, connect people to interact with each other & position yourself when your guests arrive sets the tone for the entire experience.

How do you work with your space to create possibilities?