December Strala Home Calendar: I Choose to Celebrate Myself and Experience More Joy

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It’s a time of year where the panic can easily rush in, but when we practice moving with ease, we feel more energized, centered, calm and full of joy. We can align with the spirit of the season by aligning with ourselves. Probably the most effective way to be more mindful and take care of those around you is to take good care of yourself first.

We want to make your self care easy in all ways so we are happy to offer 1/2 off the annual membership to Strala Home through the month of December. Use the code EASY at checkout. If you’d like to change from your monthly membership to the annual, email and Mike can help.

I choose to celebrate myself and experience more joy. 

Download the December Strala Home Calendar.

December Schedule for Strala Home: The Strala Yoga app

Weekly LIVE Classes (EST)
Monday 8am: Intention-Setting Meditation & Energize Yoga
Tuesday 8am: De-Stress Yoga
Wednesday 8am: Gentle Yoga
Thursday 8am: Workout Yoga
Friday 8am: Tai Chi & Qigong
Saturday 8am: Strong Yoga

Special Workshops – Sundays 8am EST
Dec 5: The Dance of Life with Tara
Dec 12: Yoga the Tai Chi Way with Mike
Dec 19: The Dance of Life with Tara
Nov 26: Restorative Yoga with Tara

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