Drop the Struggle & Get More in 2016

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Hi Friends!

Move easy, everything you’ve got, in every direction you can.

When you work this way in your body and mind you accomplish so much more with less effort. Using the least amount of effort to move through life and work on what we do is a big secret that is right in front of us in nature. the trees don’t work harder to move in the breeze.

The ocean doesn’t clench or tighten as it crashes into shore. But somehow, we evolved to tense, tighten, squeeze, and prove how hard we can work. It’s a sickness of our too busy and extreme minds. we get in an unbalanced mindset that vacation and couch time are the times to relax, and everything else we do adds to a pile of stress.strala nyc

We even work out and practice yoga stressed.

Aggressively jumping, forcing our bodies into poses, grunting, and turning red in the face. It’s silly.

This kind of work out and yoga, is all around. our minds are so busy that yoga isn’t enough. We needed to add weights, cardio, dark rooms, and loads of exterior distractions in order to keep our minds interested. Connecting with the breath and sensitizing to how we feel became too scary and something to be avoided.

When people come to strala, we guide them frame by frame through simple and challenging movements alike with ease. We guide a process of soft, natural movement that is designed for anyone, any age, any body, any background to move through and progress with ease. this leads to an amazing effect of everyone looking exactly like who they are, instead of everyone trying to stuff their bodies into a yoga pose.

strala in malaysia

People get radiantly healthy and happy and gain confidence in themselves, instead of feeling submissive to the teacher who keeps them feeling like there is so much more to learn. We help people ignite their relaxation response during the entire practice, by moving softly during each moment. it’s simple, graceful, lovely, and super awesome. Beginners are able to do more with less effort. advanced practitioners are able to soften, use less, drop their techniques, and do more with less effort.

Occasionally a yoga person comes in and feels great in spite of their best effort to prove their superiority to themselves in the shape of tense poses. We support and promote ease always. ease is the practice that brings peace, clarity, healing, and puts us on our own path to radiant being.

I encourage you, as you form and evolve your health routines, to practice ease of body and mind. you’ll get so much more with less effort and positively affect those around you. drop the tension and struggle and watch your life expand.


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