My 3 Golden Rules to Health

Since Strala started, I haven’t gotten sick and I’ve prided myself on it, boasting about how finding the ease keeps us healthy and strong through it all. I knew I was pushing it when I started bringing my fun healthy-for-years facts up with my friends when they’d get a little under the weather. The reality is I stay healthy because of a variety of factors despite a variety of other assumed obstacles.


1. Be Cozy Wherever
Home is where you’re cozy so you might as well get cozy wherever you are. My secret is creating a home wherever I am. I love to relax whether it’s a cozy night with friends, have a simple dinner in my pj’s in the hotel, or go to a movie like a local. I love bopping around the globe, getting inspired, and doing our Strala thing. My quest is to be as cozy as I can as I make my way around our big blue home.

2. Simple Foods
I eat pretty well. This whole making my own rules and following how I feel thing usually works pretty well. Getting sensitized to what actually works, and dropping any funky psychology in the way has been a huge saver there.

3. Bed Time
I don’t sacrifice sleep. I’d rather get to bed early then be dragging the next day. I love to wake up early and I know if I’m up all night I’ll feel pretty jerky in the am. Sleep is a big saver.

So What Happened!

Basically, I dropped my rules and came down with no voice. Doh! Reinforcement that my few easy rules work and I got to get back on the band wagon. On a recent work trip I went out to dinner instead of following my intuition of getting in bed, bending the rule of PG, simple and bed time all in one shot. A night out longer than expected added to a couple of long days with travel on top of travel, and well, you know what happens.



3 Cold Cures

Now for the remedy! I have 3 quick tips and tricks to make sure I’m back to feeling awesome in no time!


1. Delicious Veggie Detox Soup!
Full of nutrients and cold-killing power…


2. Bed Time Yoga
Sleep is the most important to me and I feel the urge of bed time when I’m not feeling well. This routine helps to wind down my body and mind so I can sleep and recover easy and quick.



3. Calm Mind Tea
The best cure for pretty much anything: mint leaves, ginger & hot water.


Feel better fast!