Good Eats in the Strala Hood. . . downtown NYC baby

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Hi Friends!

If you’re new to the neighborhood, visiting us for a workshop, training, or just famished after a class, the hood around Strala has some of the best eats and most chill atmosphere around. Here are a few crowd favorites in easy walking distance to & from the studio. Fuel up on the good stuff and we’ll see you soon.


ground support


Coffee, Juice & Light Bites

Ground Support

Worth the walk.

West Broadway between Spring and Broom on the East Side.

Best drip coffee, best cappuccino and matcha, hot or cold. Darn good cookies and sandwiches. Plenty of room to stretch out with friends or solo.


Juice Generation

It’s in the Equinox loby on Crosby, corner of Prince, but you don’t have to have all black spandex to enter. The juice makers will blend or juice up fresh whatever your alkaline levels or sweet tooth is craving.


Juice Press

Mott street a few steps up from Prince on the east side.

Juice purists with impressive press clippings and take home bookmarks with $@%^ awesome tag lines.


Gasoline Alley

A high lunge away from the studio and great for a sugar and caffeine fix. Shop goes through the block from west to east so that’s cool.


Think Coffee

On mercer if you want to stretch out and check your insta, or bowery if you want to sit outside with a sandwich and a warm drink. Packed with NYU kids sucking down coffee and wifi and ok for adults too.




Sit Down & Chill

Cafe Habana

Double wide airstream looking joint on the corner of Prince and Mott.

Best corn, best huevos rancheros, best pancakes, best atmosphere. Just go and save me a seat at the bar.



At the Bowery hotel on the corner.

Gussied up casual dining. Good pizza and salads. Bring friends you need to impress or want to sit and hang with for a bit.


The Smile

Bond street baby.

Adorable little sandwiches and things with a Wes Anderson vibe. Bring a book to read, the paper kind.


The Butcher’s Daughter

Single handed turned this dingy street into posh avocado toast hang out. Waiters are gorgeous. Come instagram ready.


By Chloe

Instantly successful before opening day. All vegan all damn day. Happy shiny.



Downtown landmark. Get the hummus falafel with a side of grape leaves and baklava for the sweet tooths.


And a map of course in case you dropped your phone.


map strala hood



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