Green Dreams in Madrid

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Hi Friends!

Hi Friends!

I’m just back from Madrid and had an amazing time with the Reebok Spain team and loads of new friends in Madrid leading the Strala Experience for our Rebel Yoga night. I was super psyched and touched that the team prepared my Green Dream (aka favorite go-to smoothie of all time) for snacks for everyone.

Eating well while traveling is a challenge, but with my intense travel schedule I have my tips and tricks to make it work and I’m lucky that my body responds well and I never get sick and rarely feel tired when it’s not actually time to rest. Eating well is a huge part of that for me. Just as huge, if not more important is maintaining a happy energy. This is easy when surrounded by great people doing what we all love, and the Green Dream!

I suggest to have this in the morning (best fuel ever) and during the afternoon when / if you need a pick me up. Great stuff. Makes me feel like a super hero ready for action when I drink this.

Green Dream

1 Banana

1 big handful of Spinach

1 Cup of Almond Milk




Travel Survival Strategy

Now onto a few travel tips. I’m on a plane a whole lot, so much that I feel just as comfortable on a plane as I do anywhere else. It’s a habit I’ve adapted with my exciting and intense schedule. I found it’s importnat for me to be able to relax and be easy and open wherever I am, whether at home base Strala NYC, in another country leading a class, giving a talk, or making new friends on the plane.

It’s part of the whole Strala lifestyle to move with ease during simple and challenging moments alike. This goes for on and off the mat obviously. The on the mat stuff is great for practicing how we would like to be in life and of course radiating light and all that getting ridiculously healthy and happy stuff. We got that down!

People always ask me if I get exhausted or tired doing what I do and I honestly answer no. It’s a big privilege to get to meet and work with as many people as I do, sharing ease, freedom, and a simple way of radiating light that works for everyone. This is about you finding your own way, not conforming to my way. When the space and freedom exists for us all to work to make our own rules that work for us, we are never blocked, sick, or exhausted. Sure I get sleepy, and when I do I take a nap.

Here are a few simple guidelines I’ve developed that work extremely well for health and happiness.

1. Engage only in uplifting and productive thoughts, conversations, and actions. Your energy is the most important component to health. More important than what you eat and how much sleep and exercise you get. I observe my friend Tao Porchon-Lynch who is 96 and radiates so much energy. She enjoys every moment and intuitively knows not to engage in anything that brings her out of a radiant state. I picked this up from her and I’m floating and buzzing in the most grounded and exciting way. It’s a big secret so there you go. Word is out. More important than green juice. There I’ve said it!


2. Eat and drink what feeds your soul. After you understand how to use and protect your energy to keep yourself radiant, you can start to color your world with healthy fuel. I bring a grab bag of mixed nuts, trail mix type stuff when I travel as a go-to. I don’t worry about packing a cooler full of food or getting controlling about what I eat on the road in any way, and that works for me very well. I love trying new foods where I am, enjoying the culture and what each city has to offer that’s special. Enjoying is more important than green juice. Enjoy what you are eating and your body will respond well.


3. Move how it feels great to move. I don’t worry about getting an hour of practice in a day when I travel. It’s just not practical and I’d become an exercise obsessed robot if I did, which I have no interest in doing. Allow yourself to move how it feels good to you to move when you make time for your movement practice, whether it’s Strala, running, walking, or something else. Move how it feels good to you to move, and let your intuition take over. I love to walk everywhere in a new city, explore new neighborhoods, especially if I have a day or an afternoon without an event. I also have a habit of rolling around on my hotel floor and getting in my practice whether at night or in the morning before I’m off to whatever the day brings.

If you’re new to practicing and don’t have a movement vocabulary of what to practice on your own, or prefer to be led, we’ve made loads of videos for you to move along and enjoy being in your body with. Stay easy and enjoy the ride!




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