Hi Friends,

We’re headed back to Berlin next week and can’t wait to be with a lovely group to explore and enjoy the ease. Berlin is such a special place for us and for the Strala family. After many visits, there is still so much to explore in this vibrant, artistic city full of life. Here are a few tips from some local Guides and friends and a few of our favorite spots too. Thank you for expanding the ease and enjoy!


Smoothies & Juices

For smoothies it’s hands down The Juicery Berlin. Julia says the secret ingredient is love and she had a hard time finding something even close to as special while she was here in NYC last month. That’s a big endorsement so I’m for sure going to hit this spot up. Lets go!

Julia also recommends heading over to Cat Tuong and Umami for good quality and yummy Vietnamese. Sounds so nourishing and satisfying.

If you’re down for a good adventure and exploring local artists head near Admiralbrücke in Kreuzberg for a stroll.

For good Italian check out Cassolare.


Mike and I have become more familiar with Mitte, a pretty cute and easy part of town for strolling around. We’ve wandered into Zeit Fur Brot on Schonhauser in Mitte many times on each of our visits. It’s become our go-to comfort coffee shop. We went daily on a visit before Daisy. Daily on a visit while I was pregnant, and daily on Daisy’s first visit to Berlin also. We’re hooked. Daisy loves the raisin bread, Mike and I try a different loaf each week (for our home made peanut butter and jelly) and their signature magical euro cinnabon is worth it. I’m normally all for sharing, but get one for everyone, and one for later for snacks.


There are a couple cute restaurants next door on Schonhauser as well. Yam Yam is super yummy and as spicy as you want it Korean soups and delicious comforts. Making this nook of Mitte extra special is a fluffy black and white kitty that splits his time between napping on couches of the neighborhood restaurants. Stop and hang if you can.

For an adventure, we also enjoyed having lunch at Nani, the roof of 25 Hour Bikni hotel, overlooking the zoo. Nice for a free day if you’ve got one.


Manon Viet and Mel Exner add The Bowl to the list as a must go. It’s plant based and looks super light and fresh. Martina Frisch kindly adds Rawtastic in Danziger Straße near Kulturbrauerei and Vegan Tiger in Lettestraße 5 is pretty awesome too.

Getting Around

We loved discovering and using the train system to get around daily. Getting the apps for the line paths make it even easier. In a pinch we’ve also used Uber and Uber Taxi. Julia also lets us know Berlin has several cool bike sharing possibilities, even for e-bikes. Emmy is an e-scooter share, Drive Now is an option for car share.

Here is a little map with Dock 11 for reference of some of the spots tagged. We couldn’t find the kitty on google maps. He is pretty good about being ninja about his online profile. I hope you get to meet him in person. He’s pretty great.

Or, maybe Mike is really the kitty!


Lots of love,

Tara & Mike with special thanks to all the Guides leading us to all the best places inside and out.