Inner Peace, December Calendar

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Hi Friends!

Over the last several months you guys have shared with us some moving results on how profoundly our practice time together has made you feel and changes you see in your physical state on and off the mat time. We are truly grateful to spend this time with you live and to welcome you into the strala community.

Stress loves to make a home in us whenever we invite it. The moment we tense we feel disconnected and probably a bit ill eventually, whether that’s a headache, sleeping problems, stomach ache, the list goes on. When we take time to slow down, soften and invite a feeling we truly want to make a home in us, we not only keep the stress out, but we become the feeling we desire. Peace is a feeling that leads to clarity of body and mind. Peace is a feeling that leads to action from the heart. Peace is a feeling that keeps you wanting to take good care of you. Peace brings more peace, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Inner Peace, I choose peace. When I feel disconnected I soften and return to peace.

We’re happy to offer a winter special to hopefully bring more inner peace to you and those you love. Our wellbeing is connected. The more you take good care of you, the better off those around you are too. And bonus, you’ll probably inspire an unlikely friend to start taking good care of themselves too.

$100 off Strala Home membership

Use code PEACE at checkout for an Annual membership, to get $100 off the monthly cost. Once you’re signed up, you can keep this special forever.

(Strala Home’s usual monthly is $19.99 and usual annual is $199.99. Use the code PEACE for a forever annual rate of $139.99)

50% off Online Retreats & 30+Hour Intensives

Use the code REST at checkout for 50% off all online retreats and 30+Hour Intensives

We’re thrilled to offer 50% off all Strala Online 7-Day Retreats including Rest & RenewSimplify and How to Practice at Home. You can also grab a 30+Hour Intensive including The Art of Sequencing and 30+Hour Tai Chi Chuan Workshop for 50% off.

Regular Weekly LIVE schedule (EST)

Saturday STRONG 8am – 9am
Monday Intention Setting Meditation and Energize Practice 8am – 9am
Tuesday De-Stress Yoga 2pm – 2:30pm
Wednesday Gentle Yoga 8am – 9am
Thursday Workout (Flow and Glow) Yoga 2pm – 2:30pm
Friday Tai Chi 8am – 8:30am

November Workshops & Events

Saturday Dec 5 Chair Yoga: Seated, Energizing Routine 2pm – 3pm
Saturday Dec 12 Chair Yoga: Seated and Standing, Balance Routine 2pm – 3pm
Saturday Dec 19 Chair Yoga: Seated and Standing, Grace & Coordination 2pm – 3pm
Friday Dec 25 Celebration Yoga 2pm – 3pm
Thursday Dec 31 New Beginnings Yoga 10pm – 11pm

Click the image below to download the December Calendar, Inner Peace.

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Take a moment
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