Tara and I get asked a lot 


Why does Strala feel so special?


Mostly we talk about how it feels great. People get happy! They get super-healthy. They make their own rules, and their own yoga. They make their own incredibly inspiring lives.

But where does this begin? What gets the ball rolling? How does everything end up being so different?


It’s in our minds. Strala psychology is extremely expansive, freeing, creative, intuitive, never stuck.


It’s in our bodies. We’re everything we are – body, mind and spirit, all one whole – and we care for all of it happily & intuitively.


It’s in our world without rules or “correct” ways. It’s people finding their own ways into their own bodies, and into a world without limits.


It’s in how we move.


From here you’re going to inspire a lot of people, starting with you.


Strala focuses on movement. We’re not here to get into poses, and poses aren’t the goal. You’re the goal. Feeling good in your body and mind is the goal. You’re here to get into you, and you feel great!

You move steadily and fluidly – every inch of your body, in every possible direction. You get to know your body better, and work with it more easily. You get strong, your endurance rises, you become a better athlete. You don’t get injured, because you’re not forcing into poses, you’re just moving easily in your own body.


You make friends with your body, and get inspiringly good at working with everything you’ve got, which is more than enough, to do everything there is.


🙂 Mike


PS – Want to get into your you goals? Tara and I created a yoga course on MindBodyGreen to help 🙂