January Strala Home Calendar: Notice How You Feel & Respond

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We are starting the year off with gratitude for you, and our practice of feeling better together. Thank you for practicing with us and each other. Our wellbeing is connected. Now, let’s get right to the practice because yoga, tai chi, shiatsu (and dance) work best when we practice and enjoy!

To ease into the New Year we are happy to offer 1/2 off our 7 Day At Home Retreats. Enjoy Rest and Renew You, Simplify, and How to Practice at Home through the month of January. Use the code: HOME at checkout. These retreats are an easy way to glide into and firmly set all of your New Year Intentions.

Notice how you feel & respond. 

Download the January Strala Home Calendar.

January Schedule for Strala Home: The Strala Yoga app

Weekly LIVE Classes (EST)
Monday 8am: Intention-Setting Meditation & Energize Yoga
Tuesday 8am: De-Stress Yoga
Wednesday 8am: Gentle Yoga
Thursday 8am: Workout Yoga
Friday 8am: Tai Chi & Qigong
Saturday 8am: Strong Yoga

Special Workshops – Sundays 8am EST
Dec 5: The Dance of Life with Tara
Dec 12: Yoga the Tai Chi Way with Mike
Dec 19: The Dance of Life with Tara
Nov 26: Restorative Yoga with Tara

Practice Now