July Strala Home Calendar: Expect Good Things to Happen

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Expect Good Things to Happen.

There are many special results of practicing tai chi in your yoga. One is, when you move your whole body in harmony, every part helping every other part, you accomplish more with less effort. And, you can feel good in the process of improving. Good things happen when you practice improving AND feeling good.

Our culture tries to trick us into force, push, and struggle now, so we can have some hard-to-reach reward later. Tai chi reminds us not to hurt one part of us, while trying to help another. There’s always a better way, to get where we want to go. It’s a way that involves sensitizing to what’s happening inside, and all around you. And it’s a practice that expands what’s possible, when we bring all that we are into all that we do. This leads to good things.

Whether your goal is to gain strength, mobility, mental clarity, or use your energy for good in the world, how you practice is essential. We are thrilled to practice with you and expect good things to happen, together.

We’re so grateful to practice with you at StralaHome.

Expect Good Things to Happen 

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