July Strala Home Calendar: Expect Good Things to Happen

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Hi Friends!

Expect Good Things to Happen.

There are many special results of practicing tai chi in your yoga. One is, when you move your whole body in harmony, every part helping every other part, you accomplish more with less effort. And, you can feel good in the process of improving. Good things happen when you practice improving AND feeling good.

Our culture tries to trick us into force, push, and struggle now, so we can have some hard-to-reach reward later. Tai chi reminds us not to hurt one part of us, while trying to help another. There’s always a better way, to get where we want to go. It’s a way that involves sensitizing to what’s happening inside, and all around you. And it’s a practice that expands what’s possible, when we bring all that we are into all that we do. This leads to good things.

Whether your goal is to gain strength, mobility, mental clarity, or use your energy for good in the world, how you practice is essential. We are thrilled to practice with you and expect good things to happen, together.

We’re so grateful to practice with you at StralaHome.

Expect Good Things to Happen 

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We’re so proud to have reached this beautiful milestone, where @stralayoga Guides are building wonderful communities all around the world. We love creating this chance to slow down, sense what’s here, and respond in harmony with our selves. It’s our path to sustainability and ease, and we are so glad to go here and keep expanding together.We are so thrilled to support @anna_rampf and @juliakupke in their upcoming 200+Hour Strala Training. More info on their pages and more ease to come. Tag your favorite Guide, your friends and partners who are Guides, or anyone you met that has made a positive impact on your journey of ease. We love you and are so grateful to practice with you in this awesome together-project we call @stralayoga #stralayoga
Enjoy this wrist-free yoga practice, that lets you practice yoga if you’re healing from wrist pain. It’s also perfect if you just want a nice practice, that doesn’t involve getting down to the ground.Wrist-Free Yoga is up on the Strala Yoga app now. If you're not already a member you can begin your no-risk 7 Day FREE Trial now. Let us know any way we can help.#wristrecovery #wristfreeyoga #stralayoga #yogaflow #healing
Going into the weekend with these inspiring words from guide  @piabrunost“I like the idea that Love is flowing towards us all the time in full abundance from the entire Universe, and we just need to soften, open up and receive..✨🌬🌷🌸🪐⭐️”
Handstand play time! What happens when we have a challenge? It’s a great chance to practice putting yourself in a great position, staying calm and just keep trying. Stay easy and enjoy. Lots of love from Daisy and Tara.#stralayoga #handstandpractice #handstand #kidsyoga #yogaflow
Guide @utari_syaukat reminding us to go within, keep practicing, and find your own way. #stralayoga #stopgrindculture #stopgrindingstartliving
Guides @felixschallock of 🇩🇪 and @woodywoodrow of 🇺🇸 come together to share what they love about practicing with ease, what moving well has brought to their lives and their joy for the #stralayoga community.
I want to acknowledge all of you who are not just getting through your yoga practice, but making the powerful extra effort to notice how you are, how you move, and deciding to focus on creating ease and harmony in yourself. Noticing yourself is harder than just going through the motions, but the rewards are super-big. When you focus on moving with ease and harmony, much more becomes possible. We're steering clear of falling into more stress, more mental tension, more fear, by practicing self-care in our actions - even and especially when things get tough. I'm so happy we get to practice this together here, as our shared path to using the energy we have for good. These practices are so powerful. You are so powerful. It all begins with you.Your NEW 1 Hour Meditation & Energize Yoga is now up on the Strala Yoga app. Start your week off with ease.#stralayoga #taichi #meditation #yogaflow